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Week 4 Winners In The Hit Like A Girl Global Drumming Contest

2016 Julianna Mascia

The Week 4 Winners in the Hit Like A Girl Global Drumming Contest are in and we’ve got three representatives from the US and one from Japan. Contestants can enter until March 13, 2016.

Hit Like A Girl Contest

18+ Winners

Julianna Mascia

From top left clockwise: Bianca Richardson, Molly Rose, Mana Fukada, Julianna Mascia.

Julianna Mascia’s formative moment came when a high-school teacher tell her to stop tapping on the desk. The next day she joined the school band taking drum lessons and she has never looked back. She says, “I appreciate all kinds of drumming and believe every style of every drummer is something valuable that we should take the time to appreciate. This is why I’m so grateful that a contest like Hit Like a Girl Exists, for it gives every girl and woman a chance to show their passion.”

Bianca Richardson

Bianca Richardson is a previous finalist whose cover of Knower’s “Let Go” is an uptempo tour de force of electronic funk pop grooves and tight pockets. She has dedicated herself to drumming, even though her junior high teacher tried to talk her out of drumline. She says she just loves to make people dance.

<18 Winners

Molly Rose

Molly Rose is a 16-year old who has been obsessed with music since the age of 3. She loves performing and says, “As a female drummer, I have always had such a drive and passion to show others girls can drum and it’s not just a ‘guy thing'”. Watch as she slays the crowd at a school assembly.

Manu Fukada

Nine-year old Mana Fukuda of Japan has some grown-up tastes. She says she is inspired by artists she learned about from her dad, such as Graham Central Station, Earth, Wind & Fire, Billy Cobham, Jimi Hendrix, and Herbie Hancock. Check out her hard-rocking entry below.

Winners in Week 4 receive a Zildjian A Splash cymbal along with an Evans snare head, sticks, and other prizes.

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