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UK & France HLAG Champions Named

UK & France HLAG Champions Named

Georgia Atkinson, Toni McVey and Laurène Lenert Become The First Ever European Hit Like A Girl Champions.

Hit Like A Girl Contest is proud to announce the winners of Special Awards from HLAG sponsors Rhythm and Music Radar in England and Wikidrummers and The Drumming Lab in France. As the highest scoring contestants from their home countries, Georgia Atkinson (<18) and Toni McVey (18+) along with Laurène Lenert have become the 2017 HLAG Champions of the UK and France, respectively.

The French champion will receive free passes to attend the Wikidrummers Festival 2 in Paris on April 9 while the UK Champions will receive free passes to attend the London Drum Show next November.

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  1. Thrilled to hear Georgia Atkinson has had a special UK award. This girl is going places. Congratulations to her and to the French winners too. What talent! Stunning!


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