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Three Champions, Three Solos: A Hit Like A Girl Collaboration Video

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What do you get when three champions from three different parts of the world collaborate? Maybe it’s something like this.

The last three champions in the Under 18 category of the Hit Like A Girl Contest got together recently to integrate their performances into a single video. Alexey Poblete (2013 winner from the US), Kanade Sato (2014 winner from Japan) and Kalonica Nicx (the 2015 winner from Indonesia) are young but brilliant drummers, with an infectious spirit and a knowledge of the kit that is well beyond their years. Check it out as they trade verses and take solos (starting at the 4:00 mark) on the HLAG Collaboration video. Thanks to all the girls for putting this project together.


Groove Essential #15 by Tommy Igoe courtesy of Hudson Music, LLC.

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