Liz Yurina – Russia

Up-and-coming Russian drummer Liz Yurina didn’t start drumming until her late teens, which is a bit later than most players. However, the now 20-something has certainly made up for lost time. With the combination of her natural musical and physical talents, her intelligence and perseverance plus her incredibly adventurous spirit, Liz is not only a key member of the emerging community of female drummers in Russia— she may one day become a role model for young girls around the world.

Liz admits to liking a wide range of music. More precisely, she likes the challenge of learning a wide range of musical styles, including Metal, Latin, Pop, Rock and R&B. Despite any lack of experience, in her live and recorded performances, Liz applies her smooth, well-developed hand and foot technique to these genres with the intensity, musicality and flair of a seasoned pro.

Liz is an instructor at Drumstarz, one of the largest and most famous drum schools in Russia, where she teaches boys as well as a growing number of girls and women. She was also recently named as the Russian Ambassador for the Hit Like A Girl organization.

“My goal as Ambassador is to support Hit Like A Girl’s mission to advocate for the female drumming community and also to expose the talent of Russian women to the rest of the world,” Liz says.