WFLIII Drums are “the sound of generations”. The company’s prizes for HLAG 2019 include:

• A 3-piece “Jazz” shell-pack (18×22˝ bass drum, 9×13˝ rack tom, 16×16˝ floor tom) in white marine pearl. The drums feature WFLIII’s exclusive “Generations” shells made from a classic 3-ply (Maple/Poplar/Maple) design to provide exceptional playability and response. (Snare drum, hardware and cymbals are not included.) (MSRP $3,772.00)

• A 6.5×14˝ “Generations” Maple snare drum in red smoke finish featuring a 3-Ply Maple/Poplar/Maple shell and chrome hardware (MSRP $1,017.00)

• A 6.5×14˝ “Generations” Mahogany snare drum in natural finish featuring a 5-ply Mahogany/Maple shell and brass hardware. (MSRP $1,085.00)