Vic Firth

As a co-sponsor of our drumset category— and the presenting sponsor for our Concert and Marching categories— Vic Firth will provide HLAG 2019 Champions and Winners with a variety of drumset, concert and marching sticks, brushes and mallets, including:

American Classic® 5A Drumsticks: The #1 stick in the world is great for every style of music— combining tradition and style with bold new designs. (MSRP $16.25)

Symphonic Collection Persimmon Snare Drumsticks: A longer and thicker version of the world-renowned SD1 symphonic snare drum stick, the SCS1 is made from persimmon wood and features an extended taper and thinner neck for unbelievable response and dark tones. (MSRP $32.00)

Ralph Hardimon – Signature Snare Sticks: With a unique barrel tip and long taper for quick rebound and added control, the Ralph Hardimon SRH is one of the most widely used snare drum sticks in the modern marching activity. (MSRP 20.50)