A wide array of Ludwig drumsets and snare drums will be awarded to the winners of the 2019 Hit Like A Girl contest. Ludwig’s Neusonic drum kit in Coral Red includes a 16×22˝ bass drum, 16×16˝ floor tom, 8×12˝ rack tom and 5.5×14˝ Heirloom stainless steel snare drum. The outfit also comes with a Standard Series hardware pack. (MSRP $2703)

The Ludwig Evolution Maple 6-piece shell-pack in Transparent Black features 18×22˝ bass drum, 16×16˝ and 14×14˝ floor toms, 9×12˝ and 8×10˝ rack toms, 6.5×14˝ matching snare drum and an Evolution Series hardware pack. (MSRP $2043)

The 10×14˝ Ludwig Ultimate Snare Drum is designed to meet today’s marching demands. Available in a choice of white, black or silver, the Ultimate snare drum provides clean and crisp articulation with minimal weight and features an 8-ply Maple shell, lightweight aluminum hardware, gut snare and numerous other advances. (MSRP $930)

The chrome Supralite 5.5×14˝ comes from the long line of classic and popular Ludwig snare drums. (MSRP $306)