Dream Cymbals

New HLAG sponsor Dream Cymbals is going big and providing an assortment of 24˝ Rides for Hit Like A Girl X winners, including:

24″ Dark Matter Bliss Ride
Created with Dream’s own Dark Matter Process, the 24″ Dark Matter Bliss is a huge ride that opens up with a roar of wash but can also sizzle in lower dynamics.

24″ Contact Ride
The 24″ Contact Ride features a warm wash and crystal clear stick definition with a larger bell and traditional profile.

24″ Dark Matter Vintage Bliss Ride
Built with our unique Vintage Bliss profile and Dark Matter processing the 24″ Dark Matter Vintage Bliss gives players a warm sound with a complex wash.

24″ Energy Ride
Featuring a huge sounding, unlathed bell, the 24″ Energy Ride sits in the mid/high range of the mix— making it a fantastic option for drummers who need a little extra brightness.