Black Swamp Percussion

A Special Concert Percussion Pack includes a TC1 Tambourine, Tambouroine “One Mount”, Triangle Gig Pack and “RecPlate” mounting system.

  • The TC1 is a Chromium/Bronze jingle mix featuring a calfskin head. This is one of our most popular tambourines, prized for its crunchy bite, full sonority, and excellent projection.  (
  • Tambourine OneMountUse it for any size or brand concert tambourine, frame drum, bohdran, studio, or shaky shake tambourine. Securely clamps and unclamps from stand or instrument in a second. (
  • The RecPlate is a universal percussion mounting system, including: zippered case, two 3/8” kurled posts, four reusable hang ties, two double side velcro strips.  (
  • The Triangle Gig Pack is the best way to organize, store, and travel with all of your triangles and accessories. It includes a 6” Artisan Triangle, Triangle Clip, Select double beater set and a padded case.