The ultimate toolkit to go from recording to a professional record, Izotope’s Music Production Suite Pro is a continually updated powerhouse of 46 (…and counting) intelligent assistive audio plug-ins, exclusive courses, tutorials, and royalty-free sound packs. Save time, and connect your mixing and mastering workflows into one seamless, easy process. A winner from the Beatmaking category will receive a one-year membership.

Maschine Mikro

Also, from Native Instruments: YOUR COMPACT BEATMAKING COMPANION, the Maschine Mikro.

  • Make beats, play melodies, and build tracks hands-on – in the studio or on the go
  • Fast, flexible hardware/software instrument – use on its own or with any DAW
  • Play with inspiring sounds and effects for any style, including full versions of MASSIVE, MONARK, and REAKTOR PRISM

Lauten Audio

Lauten Audio’s Series Black LA-220 is a large-diaphragm cardioid FET condenser mic with a 1″ pressure gradient capsule, an ultra low-noise JFET amplifier, 120Hz highpass and 12kHz lowpass filters, and transformer-balanced output. LA-220’s got tons of all-around versatility, including outstanding performance on vocals and acoustic instruments. In addition the mic’s onboard filters help to compensate for unruly sources and deficiencies in room acoustics.


Splice is providing one of this year’s Beatmaking winners with a 1-year Creators Subscription with 1000 credits.

Native Instruments

KOMPLETE 13 fro Native Instruments is the go-to production suite for artists, musicians, and sound designers. The latest version introduces brand-new GUITAR RIG 6 PRO, CREMONA QUARTET, and ARKHIS, plus a huge package of flagship instruments, effects, and Expansions – all the creative tools you’ll ever need. Level-up your library and dive into nearly limitless sonic possibilities.


No DAW required! The Novation Circuit Rhythm is a stand-alone sampler and sequencer that puts the power of sample-based music creation into a portable format and provides electronic musicians with an exciting way to make music outside of a DAW. The Circuit Rhythm offers producers eight tracks along with a plethora of sound manipulation tools, including rhythmic and harmonic effects, modulators, reverb, and delay. Circuit Rhythm is also a formidable sequencer, permitting pattern chains of up to 256 steps and providing 10 knobs that control every tweakable parameter.


Hit Like A Girl Beatmaking winners will join 200,000 musicians building their skills with Melodics— the desktop app that teaches you to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers and drums. It’s free to download and comes with 60 free lessons to get you started, btw.