Since the beginning of the Hit Like A Girl contest in 2012, our goal has been to create a fun, fair, and safe environment to celebrate, elevate and cultivate girls, women and female-identifying drummers and beatmakers. In seeking to enhance the outcome and experience of HLAG 2022— for our contestants as well as the community at large— we are adjusting some of our old policies and implementing some new ones.

  • All entries will be graded by a preliminary panel of leading drum educators, including Tim Thompson, Jim Mola, Kelli Rae Tubs and Sheila Klotz. Information on these outstanding instructors can be found in the “Special” tab here.
  • Each week during the 6-week contest period, the 10 top-rated entries in each age group from the preliminary round will participate in the "Hudson Music Weekly Contests" and be judged by a panel of educators selected by the educational media specialist. The top 3 entries in each age group will be identified as “Weekly Winners”, receive prizes and move on to the final round. For more information and a list of Weekly judges, click here.
  • In addition to the 18 Weekly Winners from each age group, up to 7 “Wild Card” entries will be chosen from all remaining entries by HLAG Directors and Advisors and included in the final round where they will be judged by top professional drummers from around the world.
  • Contestants from the 13-17, 18-39 and 40+ age groups can also participate in the Popular Voting contest. The 5 entries in each age group that receive the most votes at the end of the 2-week online voting period will receive special prizes. Popular Voting winners will not be included in the final round unless they are also selected as a weekly winner or wild card.
  • Contestants in the <13 age group will no longer be eligible to participate in Popular voting. Instead, these young drummers will be encouraged to participate in a new HLAG program called "Drumming Connects Us™", which is being developed to create a safe space where young girls who drum can support each other and make friends around the world. (Details to be announced.)
  • All eligible HLAG 2022 drumset contestants can also participate in this year's Mini-Contests where additional judging and prizes are offered. Details and eligibility requirements can be found in the “Special Contests” menu on the homepage.
  • Additional entries from all age groups will be selected by HLAG Directors, Advisors and Sponsors and awarded educational and promotional opportunities, including scholarships, lessons and marketing support.

Age Divisions

For 2022, there are 4 age divisions in the Drumset category and 2 age divisions in the Beatmaking category. The age of a contestant is determined by her most recent birthday prior to the start of the contest (March 1, 2022).

The Drumset age groups are:





The Beatmaking age groups are:




The 2021 Hit Like A Girl contest features Drumset and Beatmaking categories. Contestants may enter both categories however a separate entry must be made for each one.  

Contest Eligibility


Hit Like A Girl is open to girls, women and female-identifying individuals. There are no restrictions on age, style or instrumentation.

Champions (grand prize winners) of previous Hit Like A Girl contests are not eligible to participate in the contest in the same age group in which they won. However, previous finalists and entrants may participate.

Individuals must be a qualified entrant to participate in the Contest. A “Qualified Entrant” is defined as one who:

a) does not earn more than $50,000 adjusted gross per year as a professional musician, based on the prior tax year. (For French contestants the maximum annual gross earnings (before taxes) is 30,000€.)

b) is not a party to any endorsement or entertainment contracts that, in the Sponsor’s determination, conflict with the spirit of the contest.

For purposes of clarity, the term “professional musician” does not include teaching music or giving music lessons. Income derived from teaching-related activities is not counted in determination of a contestant’s status.


The Contest is void where prohibited by law. Employees of sponsors and media supporters and each of their affiliated companies, parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees and their immediate families or family members are not eligible to participate in this contest. Any person employed by or interning with Hit Like A Girl Contest at any time from March 1, 2022 through the conclusion of the Contest will be considered an “Employee” and is not eligible to enter.

The Contest

Our goal is to encourage more girls, women and female-identifying individuals to participate by creating opportunities, benefits and rewards for all players. We therefore have several types of contests, several types of prizes and several types of winners within Hit Like A Girl.

The HLAG Drumset Evaluation Sheet was developed by leading educators and scores entries on Groove, Sound, Technique, Musicality & Interpretation, Presentation, Showmanship & Effect and Story. Similar score sheets have been developed for the Beatmaking category.

Participation Rewards
Everyone who enters HLAG can receive a certificate of participation upon request.

NEW! Mini-Contests
This year, Hit Like A Girl and its sponsors will present several "Mini-Contests" where Drumset and Beatmaking contestants have additional opportunities to receive prizes, recognition and exposure:
"LP Your Kit" Mini-Contest
"Millenium E-Kit" Mini-Contest
- "Melodics + BBG Sample Flip" Mini Contest

These contests have specific requirements which are detailed in the Special Contests section of this website. Participation in one or more of the mini-contests does not affect a contestant's participation or eligibility in the main, pre-qualification, regional or public contests.

Weekly Winners
“Weekly Winners" in each age division of the drumset category will be chosen during each week of the contest. These winners will be determined by an esteemed team of judges. 3 "Weekly Winners" will be announced weekly beginning March 22, 2022. Weekly Winners automatically move on to the final round.

Regional Contests
For 2022, regional contests will take place in China, France, UK, Turkey, India, Japan, Latin America and Southeast Asia. HLAG Contestants who reside in one of these countries/regions will automatically be entered in the regional contest when they register for the main contest. All Chinese entries will be judged separately from the main contest and only the selected winners will be accepted as Finalists in the main contest.

Local judges will score the entries and special prizes will be awarded to the regional winners. In general, a contestant’s regional status will not affect their status in the main contest.  Please note that entrants residing in China are not eligible to directly enter the international contest.

Public Voting
Beginning April 20, 2022 a “Vote Now” button will be added to each contestant’s page on the website. By registering and signing-in using their HLAG profile, any person may vote for as many of the contestant videos as desired but only one vote per person per contestant per day is allowed. Any contestant or individual who violates these rules may be disqualified.

By carefully monitoring the voting logs, all votes are verified, certified, updated and posted daily. The logs show a variety of information, including account name, email address, IP address and time stamp. Any fraudulent voting, whether committed by the contestant or another person, whether related or unrelated to the contestant, will be considered grounds for penalties and/or disqualification.

The public voting period will close on May 3, 2022 at 11:59 PM PDT with the top 5 entries in each age division receiving special prizes.

Celebrity Judging
Drumset: Up to 25 Finalists in each age division of the Drumset category will be announced on or about April 28, 2022. Celebrity judging will occur from April 28 to May 9, 2022. One Champion and 2 Runners-Up will be selected in each Drumset age division by a panel of celebrity judges. These winners receive category-appropriate prizes and performance opportunities (at the discretion of HLAG management).

Beatmaking: Finalists in each age division of the Beatmaking category will be announced on or about April 28, 2022 with celebrity judging occurring from April 28 through May 9, 2022. One Champion and 2 Runners-Up will be selected in each age division by a panel of celebrity judges. Additional prizes for "Best Groove", Best Lyrics" and Best Mix" will also be awarded. These winners receive category-appropriate prizes and performance opportunities (at the discretion of HLAG management).

Special Awards
Special Award recipients are selected by representatives of a range of media and educational sponsors based on talent, geography and/or need.

Winner Announcements & Notifications

The 2022 Hit Like A Girl Champions and other winners will be notified via email and announced on the Hit Like A Girl website on May 20, 2022.

*Note: dates and rules subject to change without notice.