2019 Prizes

More than $60,000 in prizes, scholarships and performance opportunities will be awarded to nearly 90 drummers, percussionists and beat makers in the 2019 Hit Like A Girl contest. Click here to download a PDF of the prize matrix to see the complete listing of all prizes and awards.


Ableton has generously donated 6 coupons for $100.00 off anything in the Ableton Webstore, including the legendary Push (a 64-pad, touch-sensitive, hands-on instrument that puts everything you need to make music at your fingertips) and Live (the fast, fluid and flexible software for music creation and performance).


Hit Like A Girl Champions and Winners winners will select a set of top and bottom heads from their choice of Aquarian‘s most popular series, including Super Kick™ and Regulator™ bass drum, Hi-Energy™ and Force Ten™ tom and Reflector™ and Jack DeJohnette™ snare drum heads. Prizes include 2 Complete drumset packs and 12 snare drum packs. (MSRP approximately $59.99 to $399.99)

Berklee College Of Music

A full tuition* scholarship to the world-famous, “Aspire: Five-Week Music Performance Intensive” summer program. The winner of the Berklee award will be selected in the “Under 18” category and provided the opportunity to spend 5 weeks with world renowned faculty, including department chair Omar Hakim and professor Terri Lyne Carrington. The program is designed for high school students and features classes, private lessons and ensemble rehearsals under the direction of the Berklee instructors on the school’s campus in Boston, Massachusetts. Many alumni of this program have completed their undergraduate degree at Berklee and gone on to successful careers in the music industry. *Full Tuition scholarships do not include travel, housing or food.

Big Fat Snare Drum

The Big Fat Snare Drum was engineered to effortlessly transform any drum into your very own vintage, beefy, thumpy, 70’s-inspired BIG FAT SNARE DRUM. Simply placed on top of your existing Snare or Tom skin, the custom blend of patented rubber and plastic instantly lowers the fundamental pitch of the drum and delivers that sought after, authentic, deep & warm tone we all know & love. The BFSD was designed for the drummer’s convenience and makes it easier than ever to achieve that signature sound with no need to retune or bring extra drums. (MSRP $30.00)

Black Swamp Percussion

A Special Concert Percussion Pack includes a TC1 Tambourine, Tambouroine “One Mount”, Triangle Gig Pack and “RecPlate” mounting system.

  • The TC1 is a Chromium/Bronze jingle mix featuring a calfskin head. This is one of our most popular tambourines, prized for its crunchy bite, full sonority, and excellent projection.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MFE9kk_M0g)
  • Tambourine OneMountUse it for any size or brand concert tambourine, frame drum, bohdran, studio, or shaky shake tambourine. Securely clamps and unclamps from stand or instrument in a second. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcUd96SM5sg&t=17s)
  • The RecPlate is a universal percussion mounting system, including: zippered case, two 3/8” kurled posts, four reusable hang ties, two double side velcro strips.  (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fYJpO3KpaDo&t=28s)
  • The Triangle Gig Pack is the best way to organize, store, and travel with all of your triangles and accessories. It includes a 6” Artisan Triangle, Triangle Clip, Select double beater set and a padded case.

Booty Shakers

Original Booty Shakers for floor toms and Little Booty Shakers for snare drums and rack toms decouple the drums from floors and hardware to provide a fuller, bigger, more resonant sound. Available in black and red. (MSRP $21.99 to $$31.99)


Craviotto’s Heritage Snare Drum pays tribute to master drum builder, Johnny Craviotto. The Heritage Series is the gold standard in Solid Shell snare drums and epitomizes Johnny’s tenure, craftsmanship, and vision in a snare drum. The Heritage features a one-ply, solid Maple shell. The 6×14 size is perfect for all musical applications.

Our coveted one-ply, solid shell offers the range to go up or down a few sizes tonally without sacrificing body, tone, and sensitivity. The Heritage wears our founder’s lug with pride. Finally, we added our new signature red inlay as a tip of the cap to the man and the mentor who made this drum what it is today.


Chameleon Complete by Crush has set a new standard for affordability, quality and performance. Chameleon Complete shells are created from well-blended 7-ply Birch/Poplar for explosive attack and deep low end with custom black painted interiors for better projection and sensitivity. The Chameleon shell sizes have been specifically chosen to give drummers a versatile drum set that can be played in any application without compromising any of Crush’s proprietary features or high-end standards like precision waxed bearing edges, 4-point X-Suspension mounts and heavy duty cast two position spurs.

One talented HLAG winner will receive a Crush Chamleon Complete kit that includes 20×22˝ bass drum, 14×16˝ floor tom, 8×12˝ and 7×10˝ rack toms and 6×14˝ snare drum as well as a hardware pack that features a newly-designed, 1” heavy-tubing hardware with Crush’s ergonomic wing nuts and oversized real rubber feet. The pack includes hi-hat, snare drum, boom cymbal and straight cymbal stands and a kick drum pedal.

Crush’s Chamleon Complete 6×14˝ snare drum comes in a luxurious “black-on-black” finish and features 7-ply Birch/Poplar shells, double 45 degree bearing edges, powder coated reverse flange hoops, quick release throw-off and precision, waxed bearing edges.


An assortment pack of Cympad Optimizer, Chromatics and Moderator cellular foam cymbal washers along with Cympad’s new Shark gated drum dampener (MSRP $35.00 each)


The Dixon Cornerstone Snare Drum features an exclusive Quetzal Blue satin finish. The 6.5˝x14˝ drum has a hybrid Maple-Silkwood-Poplar shell with brown satin maple hoops, chrome hardware and Evans drumheads. (MSRP $559.99)

The Dixon Drummer’s Pouch has mesh pockets for your phone, personal effects and gig accessories. It hooks to drum tension rods for easy access behind the kit and includes two mounting loops for convenient belt or bag strap transport. (MSRP $23.99)


1 year (4 issues) subscriptions to the digital edition of Drum! magazine. (MSRP $24.99 each)

Drum Corps International

Performance during the DCI International Championships, August 10, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Drumeo “Debut” Award

 The Champion of the 18-39 age division in the drumset category will receive an all-expenses paid trip to record their own show at Drumeo studios in Vancouver, BC as well as a lifetime membership to Drumeo Edge.


Hit Like A Girl 2019 prizes from Drum Workshop include a DW 6.5×14˝ Performance Series Chrome over Steel Snare Drum (MCRP $549.99), a DW 3000 Series Single Bass Drum Pedal ($MSRP $249.99), the DW 6000 Series Ultralight Hardware Pack w/ Bag (MSRP $698.99) and a DW 3000 Series Round Top Throne (MSRP $149.99)           


Evans Drumheads is contributing prizes for every category and age group of the 2019 Hit Like A Girl contest. This includes G2 Clear Rock Packs for Drumset, UV1/Snare-Side 300 snare drum packs for Weekly winners, System Blue/MX5 snare drum packs for Marching, Strata 700/Orchestral 300 snare drum packs for Concert and Tri-Center Bongo packs for World winners. (MSRP $32.94 to $108.90)


GCS500H Chrome Height Adjustable Curved Rack (MSRP $589.99)

Gibraltar is the rack industry leader, with unlimited mounting options and capabilities. If you can dream it you can build it. The GCS500H Chrome Series Rack is a 2 post, height adjustable, curved rack with a 46” curved cross bar and 2 cymbal boom arms.  It utilizes 14” vertical legs with an 18” telescoping extender bar. The extender bar has 14” of vertical adjustability, with numbered notch markings, making it very easy to achieve your exact height every time. You can use this rack as a low profile side rack, or front curved rack over the bass drum.

Girls March

One full tuition* scholarship to one of girlsmarch.org’s summer camps where the recipient will be able to work on her drumming as well as her musical and professional skills with top female drummers and drum industry consultants. *Full Tuition scholarships do not include travel, housing or food.


This 6.5×14˝ “Full Range” Hammer Black Steel Snare Drum is provided by the Gretsch Drum Co. (MSRP $ 583.99)

Hudson Music

Hudson Music offers a huge collection of books, CDs and DVDs written by today’s leading drummers and educators, covering a wide range of topics and recommended for drummer of all ages and abilities. (MSRP $15 and up) Champions of all 4 age groups of the Drumset category will receive a targeted selection of Hudson titles, including:

  • Tommy Igoe- Groove Essentials 1.0 book/audio
  • Tommy Igoe- Groove Essentials 1.0 video
  • Start Grooving (level 1) Play-Along book/audio w/ Derico Watson & Bernard Lackner
  • Dom Famularo -Eight Note Rock & Beyond book/audio
  • Tommy Igoe- Groove Essentials 1.0 book/audio
  • Tommy Igoe- Groove Essentials 1.0 video
  • Step It Up (level 2) Play-Along book/audio w/ Derico Watson & Bernard Lackner
  • Steve Smith- Pathways of Motion book/video
  • Tommy Igoe- Groove Essentials 1.0 book/audio
  • Mike Adamo-The Breakbeat Bible book/audio
  • Claus Thylstrup- Creative Development book/video
  • Mark Guiliana – Exploring Your Creativity book/video
  • Tommy Igoe- Groove Essentials 1.0 book/audio
  • Tommy Igoe-Groove Essentials 2.0 book/audio
  • Mark Colenburg book/video
  • For The Brave (level 3) Play-Along book/audio w/ Derico Watson & Bernard Lackner


HLAG 2019 Champions and winners will receive an assortment of Innovative Percussion sticks, brushes and accessories, including:

Drumsticks — IP-A7X -Brooks Wackerman Signature (16.5” x .626˝ to .630˝) • SE-1 – Sheila E. Signature (16.25˝ 1/4″ x .530″) • IP-5A (16.125˝ x .565˝) • IP-L5B (16.125˝ x .595˝) • IP-HB (16˝ x .580˝)

Brushes — BMZ-1 Slim Broomz • BR-1 (Retractable light nylon filament) • BR-3 (Non-retractable medium nylon filament on a 5/8˝ wooden handle)

Specialty — GS-1 multi-use sticks for West African, Japanese Taiko and other drums and percussion • LS-1 -Timbalero timabale sticks (16.5˝ x .485˝) • KDB-1 – Chris McHugh Signature bass drum beater (yarn wrap with solid wood core)

Stick Bag — DSB-2 Synthetic Leather Stickbag


Membership in the professional musician’s social network.


Korg is contributing a Koassilator for one of our Technology winners this year. The device is a dynamic effects/sampler that allows users to integrate touch pad-generated effects, morphing and samples into their live performances and recording. (MSRP $489.00)


LP’s Matador Stave Cajon in Quinto Green with a Natural Front has great sound, great looks and is easy to play. (MSRP $399.99)


A wide array of Ludwig drumsets and snare drums will be awarded to the winners of the 2019 Hit Like A Girl contest. Ludwig’s Neusonic drum kit in Coral Red includes a 16×22˝ bass drum, 16×16˝ floor tom, 8×12˝ rack tom and 5.5×14˝ Heirloom stainless steel snare drum. The outfit also comes with a Standard Series hardware pack. (MSRP $2703)

The Ludwig Evolution Maple 6-piece shell-pack in Transparent Black features 18×22˝ bass drum, 16×16˝ and 14×14˝ floor toms, 9×12˝ and 8×10˝ rack toms, 6.5×14˝ matching snare drum and an Evolution Series hardware pack. (MSRP $2043)

The 10×14˝ Ludwig Ultimate Snare Drum is designed to meet today’s marching demands. Available in a choice of white, black or silver, the Ultimate snare drum provides clean and crisp articulation with minimal weight and features an 8-ply Maple shell, lightweight aluminum hardware, gut snare and numerous other advances. (MSRP $930)

The chrome Supralite 5.5×14˝ comes from the long line of classic and popular Ludwig snare drums. (MSRP $306)

MEE Audio

MEE Audio’s M6 PRO 2nd Generation Noise-Isolating In-Ear Monitors with Detachable Cables feature modular construction, comfortable fit and great sound. Professional, affordable and a hit with musicians all around the world, the new 2nd-generation model has upgraded sound and build quality and introduces MEE audio’s first-ever optional personalization with custom-engraved faceplates. Available in a choice of 4 colors as well as custom-molded silicone ear-pieces and BlueTooth wireless options. (MSRP $49.99)


A select group of Hit Like A Girl Technology contestants will join 200,000 musicians building their skills with Melodics— the desktop app that teaches you to play MIDI keyboards, pad controllers and drums. It’s free to downloadand comes with 60 free lessons to get you started, btw.

Musician’s Institute

Two full tuition* scholarships to MI’s “Summer Shot” in Hollywood, California will be awarded to contestants in the 13-17 age group. *Full Tuition scholarships do not include travel, housing or food.

Pacific Drums (PDP)

PDP has contributed 2 of their great sounding, great looking yet surprising affordable Concept Classic Wood Hoop shell-packs to this year’s HLAG contest. The kits include 16×22˝ kick drum, 10×13˝ rack tom and 16×16˝ floor tom plus a PDP bas drum pedal and throne. (MSRP$789.99) Snare drum, cymbals and stands are not included.


For Hit Like A Girl 2019, Pearl is generously providing prizes for the Drumset, Marching and Concert categories. The DMP905P Decade Maple Series kit features a 20×16″ kick, 10×7″ and 12×8″ rack toms, 14×14″ floor tom and a 14×5.5″ snare drum in Satin Brown Burst (MSRP $1,217.99). The kit also includes a 930 Series Hardware pack consisting of a BC930 boom stand, C930 straight stand, S930 snare stand, H930 hi-hat stand and P930 pedal (MSRP $856.99).

Other Pearl prizes include a 13×11″ Championship Maple Marching Snare Drum in Pure White (MSRP $1,094.00) and a 14×5.5″ Modern Utility Maple Snare Drum in Satin Black (MSRP $263.99).

Percussive Arts Society

Performance during PASIC, November 13-16, 2019 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Pork Pie

Pork Pie’s 5×12 Little Squealer Snare Drum in Black Satin with Black Hardware was designed with innovation and style unlike anything available in the acoustic drum market today. The shell is 100% 8-ply, cross laminated Maple with handcrafted bearing edges and snare beds. This attention to detail gives the drum amazing attack and sensitivity. (MSRP $199.00)


5 winners in the HLAG Tech category will receive a free copy of Presonus’ new, advanced yet easy to use Studio One DAW. (MSRP $149.95)


Champions and Winners in all age groups of the Drumset, World and Weekly contests will receive a variety of Promark sticks, brushes, mallets and stick bags, including Promark’s advanced Firegrain 5A model. (MSRP from $12.99 to $40.99)


All Drumset Champions and Weekly Winners in the 13-17 and 18-39 age groups will receive a set of Puresound’s popular 14″ Steel, 20 Strand Snare wires. (MSRP $23.95)


Champions and Winners of the Drumset, Concert, Marching and World Percussion categories of 2019 Hit Like A Girl contest will receive a selection of Remo drumheads, including Pinstripe ProPack drumset sets, Ambassador top and bottom snare drum sets, BlackMax and Falams marching snare drum sets and SkynDeep conga/bongo sets. (Total MSRP of all prizes is $2700.00)


TD-17-KVX V-Drums kit and rack offers sounds, pads and features inspired by Roland’s V-Drums collection— putting the value-packed TD-17KVX squarely in pro territory. At the heart of this kit is the TD-17 module, with a sound engine and 50 preset drum kits built around Roland’s flagship TD-50. User-importable drum sounds and wireless Bluetooth support for music and MIDI streamline practice, jamming and song building. New for the TD-17KVX are Roland’s 12″ dual-trigger PDX-12 snare pad with two-ply tunable mesh head, floating VH-10 stand-mount hi-hat and dynamic KD-10 kick tower. A trio of mesh-headed 8″ toms, two 12″ crashes, and Roland’s three-zone 13″ CY-13R ride complete the package. (MSRP $1700.00)

The Roland SPD::ONE WAV PAD is a new type of digital percussion pad, one that allows any musician to perform with their own sounds and samples. Importing audio files is as simple as connecting the SPD::ONE WAV PAD to a PC or Mac and dragging your WAV files into the drive that appears. Whether you need full-length backing tracks or one-shot samples, your sounds can be loaded and played in seconds. Once you’re ready to go, the unit’s robust-yet-sensitive pad can be played with sticks, hands, or feet, and trigger threshold settings are easily adjusted with intuitive controls. Operation is simple, even for those musicians who are not technical; just by using four knobs on the control panel, you can change the sound, volume, balance, and more. Whether you’re a drummer, percussion player, guitarist, DJ, or vocalist, the SPD::ONE WAV PAD is a simple and flexible way to expand your sound palette and invigorate your performances. (MSRP $249.99)


Tech contestants in Hit Like A Girl 2019 can win a BeatMaker kit from Roli. The kit features the programmable Roli Lightpad M touch controller and Loop Block for hands-on control of recording and launching loops and sequences, controlling tempo and quantization .(MSRP $299.95)


Drumset: From traditionally dark HH cymbals to the newest, brightest AAX designs, SABIAN offers cymbal sets with sounds for all players, no matter what style they play. To ensure Hit Like Girl Drumset category Champions and winners get the cymbals that fit their sound, they can choose from any SABIAN box set – in any series.

Weekly: From the modern, cutting sound of AAX Air, Aero and O-Zone splashes to top-selling HHX Evolution splashes, SABIAN offers splash cymbals for all players, no matter what style. To ensure weekly drumset winners get the SABIAN splash cymbal that fits their sound, they can choose from any SABIAN splash – in any series!

Concert, Marching & World Percussion: Innovative design, skilled craftsmen, and a neat sense of adventure add up to the most diverse offering of sound in suspended cymbals. To ensure our top percussionists get the suspended cymbal that fits their sound, they can choose from any SABIAN suspended cymbal – in any series!

Sam Ash

One each $250, $150 and $100 Gift Cards valid on any Sam Ash music store or samashmusic.com purchase.

Sam Ash

Samson Drum Mic pack, Samson Headphones

School Of Rock

One under 18 contestant in the drumset category will receive a full tuition* scholarship for a one semester performance/lesson package at their local School Of Rock location. *Full Tuition scholarships do not include travel, housing or food.


The Soundbrenner Core is a 4-in-1 Smart Music Tool that puts all your essential music tools in a premium wearable. The Soundbrenner Core features your everyday watch plus a Vibrating Metronome, Magnetic Twist Tuner and Decibel Meter— making it the most versatile music tool on the market. The Core comes with additional accessories featuring five different interchangeable watch straps, made from silicone, woven nylon and premium Italian leather. (MSRP $128.00)


Performance during the Sweetwater Gearfest, June 21-22, 2019 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Tama’s just released Starclassic Walnut/Birch drumkit offers an incredible sound and incomparable look. The set features a 4-piece shell kit in Lacquer Phantasm Oyster finish, including 8″ x 10″ and 9″ x 12″ rack toms, 14″ x 16″ floor tom and 16″ x 22″ bass drum. (MSRP $1699.99) snare drum, cymbals and hardware not included

The exclusive 11mm, 12-ply maple shell with a mappa burl outer ply of Tama’s S.L.P. Snare Drum delivers a clean, robust tone and a beautiful appearance. The drum features 10-hole, 2.3mm Steel Mighty Hoops that keep drum head secure for every performance and a Evans G1 coated head that offers stellar stick response and beautiful blend of ring and muffled tone. The drum delivers superior resonance thanks to its lightweight Starclassic lugs. (MSRP $349.99)


No matter what style of music you play, Techra has the right stick for you. Our durable, carbon fiber, composite “X-Carb” drumsticks can expand the sonic potential of your playing. And, with 7 types of Techra drumsticks available, you’re sure to find the perfect stick for every playing style, including sticks designed specifically for heavy metal and electronic drums. Available for winners in the Drumset and Weekly contests. (MSRP $49.99)

The Sessions

Chosen by a panel of leading drum industry professionals, the “Joe Hibbs Memorial Scholarship” will be awarded to the HLAG entry that exhibits the most passion, perseverance and positivity.

Trick Percussion

The Dominator Double Bass Drum Pedal has reinvented the bass drum pedal. Boasting precision-machined parts and aerospace-grade bearings, the Dominator features an internal compression-spring mechanism that’s smoother, faster, and quieter than expansion-spring pedals; a split-cam that allows independent adjustment of beater and pedal angles; a tension adjustment knob that lets you adjust pedal tension while you’re playing; and much more. If you need buttery-smooth action, infinite adjustability, and dead-silent operation from your kick pedal, you need the Dominator.(MSRP $1,299.00)

TRX Cymbals

Custom-crafted from B20 Bronze, TRX “High-Contrast” Cymbals are played by many of the world’s top young Rock, Pop, R&B, Latin, Jazz and Metal drummers. HLAG prizes include a selection of TRX ICE Series Crash and Splash cymbals. (MSRP $225.00-$495.00)


A founding sponsor of the Hit Like A Girl contest and a major supporter of the female drumming community, Vater will provide prizing for Champions and Winners in all age groups of the Drumset, World and Weekly categories. Winners will receive a variety of sticks from Vater’s Classic, American Hickory, Xtreme Design and Nude series as well as a selection of brushes, mallets and accessories. (MSRP from $12.99 to $40.99)

Vic Firth

As a co-sponsor of our drumset category— and the presenting sponsor for our Concert and Marching categories— Vic Firth will provide HLAG 2019 Champions and Winners with a variety of drumset, concert and marching sticks, brushes and mallets, including:

American Classic® 5A Drumsticks: The #1 stick in the world is great for every style of music— combining tradition and style with bold new designs. (MSRP $16.25)

Symphonic Collection Persimmon Snare Drumsticks: A longer and thicker version of the world-renowned SD1 symphonic snare drum stick, the SCS1 is made from persimmon wood and features an extended taper and thinner neck for unbelievable response and dark tones. (MSRP $32.00)

Ralph Hardimon – Signature Snare Sticks: With a unique barrel tip and long taper for quick rebound and added control, the Ralph Hardimon SRH is one of the most widely used snare drum sticks in the modern marching activity. (MSRP 20.50)


WFLIII Drums are “the sound of generations”. The company’s prizes for HLAG 2019 include:

• A 3-piece “Jazz” shell-pack (18×22˝ bass drum, 9×13˝ rack tom, 16×16˝ floor tom) in white marine pearl. The drums feature WFLIII’s exclusive “Generations” shells made from a classic 3-ply (Maple/Poplar/Maple) design to provide exceptional playability and response. (Snare drum, hardware and cymbals are not included.) (MSRP $3,772.00)

• A 6.5×14˝ “Generations” Maple snare drum in red smoke finish featuring a 3-Ply Maple/Poplar/Maple shell and chrome hardware (MSRP $1,017.00)

• A 6.5×14˝ “Generations” Mahogany snare drum in natural finish featuring a 5-ply Mahogany/Maple shell and brass hardware. (MSRP $1,085.00)


Whether you are practicing, recording, performing or sharing, the Yamaha EAD10 electronic acoustic drum module makes playing your acoustic drums inspiring and fun. The EAD10 enhances the way you practice, record and perform with your acoustic drums and frees your musical creativity. Easy setup lets you pop on your headphones and instantly hear studio-quality sound (including effects and triggered samples) with Scenes designed to match a wide variety of music. It’s simple to record high-quality audio to the module, USB flash drive or computer. The free iOS app allows you to create stunning audio and video and easily share it directly from your mobile device. (MSRP $629.00)

The Yamaha DTX-MULTI 12 has many applications. It’s perfect for the acoustic drummer looking to add electronics to their kit; the hand percussionist who needs a full palette of percussion instruments in a versatile self-contained unit; or as a percussion controller for a producer in a recording studio setting. It’s a great solution for anyone looking to add top-notch percussion sounds and rhythms to their music. (MSRP $900.00)


The A391 A Zildjian Cymbal Set features cymbals that have shaped musical history. One of the most popular and versatile cymbals used by musicians for generations, the A Zildjian line is known for its bright, focused overtones and ability to produce as much volume as the music demands.  This pack includes: 14″ A New Beat HiHats, 16″ A Medium Thin Crash, 18″ A Medium Thin Crash and 21″ A Sweet Ride. (MSRP $2001.00)

With the S390 S Performer Set Zildjian has crafted the perfect pack of cymbals, giving you everything you need to enhance your sound. It’s all ready for you in one pack. The S Performer Cymbal Set includes: 14″ S Mastersound HiHats, 16″ S Medium Thin Crash, 18″ S Medium Thin Crash and 20” S Medium Ride. (MSRP $852.00)

The new Zildjian FX Stacks allow drummers to explore a variety of pitches and quick, brilliant staccato sounds in one versatile cymbal pair. Easily switch from a stack to a traditional Hi-Hat setup, transitioning from bright, fast, and cutting sounds to trashy and raw, simply by adjusting the wingnut.  The FX Stack cymbal pairs are available in 8″, 10″, 12″, 14″ and 16″ sizes. (MSRP FXS10 10″ FX Stack $199.00)

Winners in the Concert and Marching categories Concert will receive an A0419 A Zildjian 18″ Classic Orchestral Suspended Cymbal which allows more projection for crescendos and produces a rich orchestra sound with a full combination of high and low overtones. (MSRP $443.00)