Meet The Judging Panels For The HLAG 2020 Finals.

As the final round of the 2020 Hit Like Girl contest draws nearer, the celebrity judging panels for the Drumset category have been announced.

<13: Bunga Ardina Putri • Lindsey Raye Ward • Faith Benson • Emily Moon • Jen Hoeft • Lucy Landymore • Holly Madge • Aicha Djidjelli • Glen Sobel • Andrew Marshall

13-17: Kristyna Sibinska • Val Sepulveda • Sam Landa • De’Arcus Curry • Caitlin Kalafus • Jess Bowen • Cherisse Osei • Hayley Brownell • Jojo Mayer • Brendan Buckley

18-39: Amanda Dal • Didi Negron • Anika Nilles • Hannah Welton • Hayley Cramer • Yissy Garcia • Sarah Tomek • Meytal Cohen • Emily Dolan-Davies • Stanton Moore • Ryan Seaman • Charles Streeter

40+: Penny Larson • Fer Fuentes • Vera Figuereido • Dena Tauriello • Lauren Calkin • Samantha Maloney • Emmanuelle Caplette • Natalia “Moty” Miranda • Satnam Ramgotra • Nick D’Virgilio

Read the bios, backstories and professional credits of these world-class drummers as well as the judges for the Chinese, French, Mexican, Indian, Japanese and Southeast Asia contests at

The judging panels for the 2020 Hit Like A Girl Beatmaking contest will be announced soon.

Shown in photo (clockwise from upper left): Emmanuele Caplette, Didi Negron, Anika Nilles, Aicha Djidjelli, Senri Kawaguchi and Jess Bowen.

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