Monika Bulanda

Monika Bulanda (born in Kracow, Poland) is a versatile musician with a multifaceted career in entertainment and art.

She began playing drums at the age of 11 with support of her first teacher Wiesław Piszczynski in Stary Sacz, where she lived as a child. She was the winner of the Provincial Young Talent Competition in Limanowa two times in a row. Already at the age of 16 she appeared on TV show ”Droga Do Gwiazd” that led her to collaboration with female rock/pop band ”Matka” signed to Sony Music. 

She graduated from Jazz /Drums Department of Music Conservatory in Katowice as well as from Sinology at Oriental Department of Warsaw University. She also studied Jazz Drums at Chopin School of Music ”Bednarska” under tuition of Kazimierz Jonkisz. Later she performed with Polish pop singer Michal Wisniewski in his project “Red Head” playing drums.

Through her extensive travels she was constantly experimenting with different musical styles while performing with local musicians. Her experiences include places like China, Europe, USA, Australia, India, Malaysia and Turkey.

Monica found that Istanbul— the cultural bridge between East and West— was the perfect environment for herinterests and base for her multi-cultural adventure. She was invited to join the band of Turkish main pop singer Kenan Doğulu and performed with him for 9 years all around the world.

Ferit Odman

Ferit Odman is an in-demand and busy jazz drummer based in Istanbul, Turkey. He started his music studies in Sweden as an AFS exchange student (1999), got a full scholarship to get his B.A. in Music at Istanbul Bilgi University (2001), attended the School For Improvisation workshops in NYC (2004) and received a Fulbright Scholarship to further build on his studies at William Paterson University (2006).

He spent / played two years in NYC and holds a M.M. (Master of Music) degree in Jazz Performance. 

He became heavily entrenched in the Turkish jazz scene at a young age and recently performs with many jazz musicians, while leading his own quintet and touring around Europe.

Albums as a leader: 

  • Ferit Odman – The Vinyl Collection (2017 – Equinox Music & Entertainment)
  • Ferit Odman – Dameronia With Strings (2015 – Equinox Music & Entertainment)
  • Ferit Odman – Autumn In New York (2011 – Equinox Music & Entertainment)
  • Ferit Odman – Nommo (2010 – Equinox Music & Entertainment)

Ferit Odman exclusively plays and endorses Gretsch Drums, Vic Firth Drum Sticks & Istanbul Agop Cymbals.

Cenk Ünnü

Cenk Ünnü (born 1967 in Istanbul, Turkey) is the drummer of the heavy metal band Mezarkabul (also known as Pentagram). He and Hakan Utangaç formed Pentagram together in 1986. He graduated from İstanbul University’s Faculty of Literature, Anthropology. He lives in Istanbul and runs an underground music store called Pena

Aykan Ilkan

AYKAN ILKAN was born in Izmir, Turkey on February 4th, 1973.

He started his music career in 1985 with a band named “Sawdust” together with his elder brother Murat ILKAN who is also a very talented musician and has a unique voice as a rock singer. They performed various festivals and concerts until 1992.

In 1992, he took a major role composing of another band “KARGO” which they recorded their first album “Sil Bastan” in FT studios and continued their music career with a lot of concerts. At the end of that year, Aykan started to play with American blues and jazz musician Larry O’Neil as well.

For another project, again with Murat ILKAN, guitarist Metin TURKCAN and Berk EVREN, they came together for the new band “Cherokee” and participated many both festivals and organizations, besides playing in rock bars.

Meanwhile, Aykan was accepted for Mr. NO, the band that was chosen to be the most promising in 1995.

In April 1995, he decided to continue his music career with Sebnem FERAH, Turkey’s most famous female rock singer ever.

They composed, arranged and recorded their songs in different studios for many albums

Such as,

  • Şebnem Ferah-Kadın(1996)Şebnem Ferah-a.k.c.k(1999)
  • Şebnem Ferah-Perdeler (2001)
  • Şebnem Ferah-Kelimeler Yetse (2003)
  • Cem Köksal-Sett me free (2005)
  • Şebnem Ferah-Can Kırıkları (2005)
  • Şebnem Ferah-Live albüm (symphonic project)(2007)
  • Şebnem Ferah-Benim Adım Orman (2009)
  • Şebnem Ferah-Od (2013)
  • Murat İlkan-Fanus(2014)
  • Şebnem Ferah-Parmak İzi(2018)
  • Aykan İlkan-

Since that time, they have given hundreds of concerts in Turkey and abroad. Aykan is also a drum teacher (Florya Sanat Akademisi) with many students from young to old. Aykan İlkan is excited to meet his audience very soon and start his solo career.

Asli Polat

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Lale Kardeş

Lale Kardeş, best known for her band The Ringo Jets, studied Jazz Drums at Bilgi University and she joined forces with artists such as Anadol and İlhan Erşahin, when she wasn’t busy touring with her band, TRJ. She usually plays in the styles of the 60s and 70s and holds a rare title as the first female drummer with her own signature cymbal series from Turkish Cymbals.