Daniel “Pipi” Piazolla

Daniel Pipi Piazzolla estudió con Rolando Picardi , Efrain Toro , Joe Porcaro , Casey Scheuerell , Ralph Humphrey, Fernando Martínez ,Sebastian Peyceré ,  Eduardo Casalla , Fernando Valles , Horacio Lopez , Robbie Ameen , Carlos Riganti , johnathan Blake , Kenny Washington , Rodney Green , Adam Nussbaum , Etc.

Ha tocado con artistas mundialmente reconocidos como Paquito D´Rivera, Ute Lemper, Guillermo Klein, Aaron Goldberg, Bill Mc Henry, Miguel Zenón, Hugo Fattoruso, Marty Friedman , Ben Monder, Mike Mossman, Diego Urcola, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Richard Nant, Luis Bonilla, Gary Valente, Arturo O´Farrill afro latin jazz big band, Scott Robinson, Dave Samuels, Elena Roger, Lito Vitale, Pablo Aslan, Ligia Piro, Carlos Cutaia, Raul Lavié, Ernesto Snajer, Anders Jormin , Villu Vesky , Tiit Kalluste , José Angel Trelles, Susana Rinaldi, Gustavo Bergalli, Maria Estela Monti, Escalandrum, Fernando Suarez Paz, Pablo Ziegler, Fernandez 4 , Hernan Jacinto ,  Lucio Balduini , Héctor Console, Nicolás Guerschberg, Horacio Malvicino, Sexteto Mayor, Ute Lemper, etc.

Junto a su grupo Escalandrum ganaron 9 premios Gardel  y  1 Gardel de Oro (máxima distinción de la industria musical Argentina), es el primer grupo de jazz en lograr esa distinción.También Escalandrum estuvo nominado a los Latin Grammy’s Con Escalandrum ya tiene 22 años de historia y 14 discos Grabados . Junto a su trío tiene 3 discos editados y ganó 2 premios Gardel a mejor álbum de jazz del año , el más reciente con su disco Rata .
Está sponsoreado por baterías Yamaha , platillos Zildjian , estuches Esenyurt , Gomas de Práctica y accesorios Hecos y Relojes Raymond weil , Banquetas el Peñón , Forte Cases .

Daniel “Pipi” Paizolla studied with Rolando Picardi, Efrain Toro, Joe Porcaro, Casey Scheuerell, Ralph Humphrey, Fernando Martínez, Sebastian Peyceré, Eduardo Casalla, Fernando Valles, Horacio Lopez, Robbie Ameen, Carlos Riganti, Johnathan Blake, Kenny Washington, Rodney Green, Adam Nussbaum, Etc.

He has played with world-renowned artists such as Paquito D’Rivera, Ute Lemper, Guillermo Klein, Aaron Goldberg, Bill McHenry, Miguel Zenón, Hugo Fattoruso, Marty Friedman, Ben Monder, Mike Mossman, Diego Urcola, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Richard Nant. , Luis Bonilla, Gary Valente, Arturo O´Farrill afro latin jazz big band, Scott Robinson, Dave Samuels, Elena Roger, Lito Vitale, Pablo Aslan, Ligia Piro, Carlos Cutaia, Raul Lavié, Ernesto Snajer, Anders Jormin , Villu Vesky , Tiit Kalluste, José Angel Trelles, Susana Rinaldi, Gustavo Bergalli, Maria Estela Monti, Escalandrum, Fernando Suarez Paz, Pablo Ziegler, Fernandez 4, Hernan Jacinto, Lucio Balduini, Héctor Console, Nicolás Guerschberg, Horacio Malvicino, Sexteto Mayor, Ute Lemper, etc.

Together with his group Escalandrum they won 9 Gardel awards and 1 Gardel de Oro (highest distinction in the Argentine music industry), they are the first jazz group to achieve this distinction. Escalandrum was also nominated for the Latin Grammy’s. With Escalandrum he already has 22 years of history and 14 Recorded albums. Together with his trio, he has released 3 albums and won 2 Gardel awards for best jazz album of the year, the most recent with his album Rata.

Pipi endorses Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals, Esenyurt cases, Hecos Practice Rubbers and accessories
and Raymond Weil Watches, Banquetas el Peñón and Forte Cases.

Raul Vargas

With 15+ years on the professional music scene in Mexico and South America, Raul Vargas has participated in Youth Symphony Orchestras at the regional and national level. He has also performed at International Cultural and Jazz Festivals and he records for artists and producers from Mexico and the USA at his own studio.

As an educator, Raul has given drum clinics and Master Classes in Conservatories, Music Universities, music stores, music trade shows and international drum festivals. He has contributed to international educational organizations, including Digital Drummer Magazine, Rhythm! Scene Magazine and the Percussive Arts Society’s Percussive Notes. He is currently working as a full-time educator for Berklee College Online as a Mentor and he is Partner in Music for University of West London International. He also runs his own online drum school and Music College.

Raul Vargas endorses Zildjian Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, TAMA Drums and Casa Veerkamp.

Monica Izquierdo

Mónica Waleska Izquierdo Montenegro was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She is known in the musical world as LA ZURDA (The Lefty), not because she is left-handed, but because she is the sister of Pablo Izquierdo, a well-known drummer who is known as EL ZURDO. Monica comes from a family of musicians and is a groundbreaking drummer in Guatemala.

She started playing drums at the age of 12 and played in several played in rock bands, including the first women’s rock band in Guatemala, PLUG 28:19. She currently plays in the band DEPENDIENTE. She was invited to play with the Martial Symphony Orchestra for the anniversary of the Polytechnic School of Guatemala and has often been invited to play with internationally recognized musicians. Her favorite music is rock and she has had a very broad career and musical experience.

Monica was the winner of several national drumming competitions. Among these was a contest organized by Almacenes Siman, where she took first place— beating her own brother.

Monica’s drumming is characterized by her advanced technique and her use of the double bass drum.

Joel Jr.

Working as a professional musician in Brazil since 1985, at the age of 13, Joel Jr. has performed in various styles and situations throughout his career. He studied and took courses with Duda Neves, Vera Figueiredo, Dámaso Cerruti, Guilherme Gonçalves, Gary Chaffee (USA) and many more.

As a columnist and contributor, he has contributed to several websites and publications, including Studio Música & Tecnologia, Revista Batera, DRUM! Magazine -USA, Drum Study and Modern Drummer Brasil. Joel is the Director and owner of Drum Time Escola de Bateria e Percussion since 1990 and he has taught more than 1500 students. He is committed to the education and training of young musicians.

As an event producer, in addition to having collaborated with top international drummers such as Virgil Donati, Dave Lombardo, Rod Morgenstein, Vera Figueiredo and many others. In 2010 he became the creator and main producer of the GIRLS ON DRUMS FESTIVAL, which is the largest female only drum and percussion festival in Latin America. During the COVID pandemic GIRLS ON DRUM moved to social media and has live streamed more than 150 shows, featuring many sensational drummers from around the world.

Pedro Barahona

Pedro Barahona is a drummer and music teacher (UPLA) from the city of Viña del Mar, Chilé. He was a drummer teacher at the University of Valparaíso for 9 years and was the teacher of HLAG 2013 Champion, Val Sepulveda. He was recognized as a Global Teacher by Dom Famularo in Modern Drummer magazine in December 2015.

He is an international endorser of Aquarian Drumheads, CABOS Drumsticks, UFIP Cymbals, DW/PDP Drums and Flamentr3lok Cajones.

Silvana Colagiovanni

Buenos Aires born Silvana Colagiovanni is a drumming sensation in demand by Argentine bands of every style. From the hardest rock to the smoothest shuffles, Silvana is on everyones list of drummers to call who can cut it all.

Both local and international artists have chosen Silvana to power their bands. Deacon Jones, Sakiya Hooker, Beverly “Guitar” Watkins and Bruce Ewan are just a few of the great blues artists Sil has shared the stage with.

First coming to everyones attention playing with Argentina blues master Miguel Botafogo, Silvana toured with him at a very early age all over South America.

She was a member of the VERY hard rocking band, Decenadores, from 2002-2011. They recorded three albums, toured constantly and performed at the biggest festivals in Argentina, Cosquín Rock and Pepsi Music Fest.

From 2011 to 2017 she’s been a permanent fixture behind the kit for Argentine guitar hero Baltasar Comotto (guitarist for Luis Spinetta and Indio Solari).

2010 saw Silvana chosen by Jimmy Rip (guitarrist and producer for Mick Jagger, Jerry Lee Lewis, Television and a long list of others) to form his power trio… “Jimmy Rip and The Trip”! They released their debut CD in 2012 to excellent reviews. They have recorded two more records: “Blues Life” and “Muy Crudo” and have toured internationally to support them.

From 2009 She is the drummer and manager of Led Ladies, a great female tribute to Led Zeppelin band.

Silvana is a true believer in both studying and passing her knowledge and passion on. From very early on she was taught by the best… as a private student of Juan Pedro Estanga, Tristán Taboada, Pepi Taveira, Fernando Martínez, Pipi Piazzolla, Chiche Heger and Sebastián Hoyos… and also at the prestigious Escuela de Música Contemporánea Berklee Internacional.

She has a band called DÚO, with a great piano and keybords player called Fabrizio Gamba and they will realease their new álbum next year. Also she has her own proyect called Drumma and she is making her second book.

 Somehow she manages to find time to teach her many students each week as well as doing shows and clinics around the world. She also has made a great book called Drumtime and lots of educational videos in her You tube channel.

Vera Figueiredo

“From behind the drum set, Vera Figueiredo takes her audience from the Brazilian rainforest into the clubs and concert halls of the world. Jaws dropped at her unique presence, approach, and distinctive licks.” (T. Bruce Wittet, Modern Drummer Magazine).

Nominated by Rhythm Magazine as the “Queen of Samba”, Vera has been a leading ambassador for Brazilian Music by performing at festivals, clinics and masterclasses around the world— appearing at Percfest Memorial Naco, Drum Ladies Fest and Percussive Art Society (Italy), Frankfurt Musik Messe (Germany), The Ultimate Drummers Weekend (Australia), Mendoza International Drum Fest (Argentina), PercuSonidos Festival Internacional de Percusiones (Mexico), AGP Drum Event (Luxembourg), Days of Percussion (Sweden), Drum Fest – Primer Festival Internacional de Batería y Percusión (Chile), Cape Breton International Drum Fest and KOSA (Canada) and PASIC (USA) as well as Brazilian festivals including PAS, Salão da Bateria, I Encontro Percussivo REC-PEC, Girls On Drums and the recents Sesc Brasil’s Instrumental with her Trio, PercuFest Latinoamérica and Aquiles Priester Drum Festival.

In 1990, Vera founded the IBVF – Instituto de Bateria Vera Figueiredo, which became one of the most important drum and percussion schools in Brazil. A couple of years later, Vera and IBVF created one of the world’s most remarkable drum and percussion festivals: Batuka! Brasil. Held in São Paulo city since 1996, Batuka! Brasil brings together the top drummers on the planet and has had fifteen festivals and two album releases. Vera’s popular play-along book Vera Cruz Island – Brazilian Rhythms for Drumset was released by Hudson Music.

Vera Figueiredo endorses Mapex Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Evans Drumheads, Audix Microphones, Xtreme Ears, Drum Baffles, Hello Cases and Gope Brazilian Percussion.