Karen Hui

Karen Hui is a professional musician, drummer and drum teacher in Hong Kong and has played the drums for over ten years. During this time, Karen performed and recorded with various notable Hong Kong artists and bands, including Anson Kong@Mirror, Jer Lau@Mirror, Bondy Chiu, Panther Chan, Vivian Chan, Smiley, Suey Kwok, Stella Ho, GDJYB, Whizz, Tonick, Hey Joe Trio, Sunset Or Rise and more.

Karen won the Hong Kong drummers’ competition “DrumsOnly Drumpetition” in the women’s category in 2014. In 2016, She joined the Hong Kong marching band “The Pegasus Vanguard” and played on the snare drum line. She accompanied the band to the United States to participate in the 2016 DCI Drumline Battle and won the champion award in the international category.

In 2021, she participated in the ViuTV variety show “Battle of the Throne” and won the 1st runner up.

Shi Xu

Drummer/educator Shi Xu is the Executive Director as well as the Deputy Director of the Teaching and Research Department of the Shanghai Percussion Association. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Shandong Percussion Academy.

Since graduating from the Queen’s College of Music with a master’s degree in jazz drum performance, he has been invited to participate in teaching demonstrations and performances throughout China— appearing on the same stage with masters such as Dom Famularo, Lucas Van Merwijk, Ian Forman and Antonio Hart.

Shi Xu remains active on the jazz scene in Shanghai and Beijing and has collaborated with JQ Withcomb, Alec Haavik, Toby Mak, Danny Zanker, Antonio Aximenes, Brain Hurley, Li Xiaochuan, Jian Yi, Zhu Mang, Xue Yue, Zhang Xiongguan, Gao Taihang, Xiao He , Bao Junrui, Zeng Hao, Tian Xin and other famous jazz musicians as well as pop musicians Gong Ziqi, Jin Shengquan, Li Xiangzhe and others.

Shi Xu oftens performs at the Shanghai Jazz club, Wooden Box and other clubs. He has performed at the Shanghai Jazz Festival, Shanghai Jazz Spring Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival and other major music festivals. He has also served as a judge for the Shanghai National Percussion Competition and the Xiamen International Percussion Competition.

He has toured the country with Richard Sussman, professor of jazz piano at the Manhattan School of Music, founded Time Factory, serving as the leader and arranger, and his band won the first place in the first jazz master band competition held by Music China.

Most recently, Shi Xu formed his own jazz trio, the “Shi Xu Trio” and won the first place in the professional group of the Xiamen Percussion International Competition. He also served on the editorial board for the Shanghai Percussion Association’s electronic drum test course and jazz drum test course.

Shi Xu endorses Paiste, Promark, Evans and EFnote Drums

Fingfing Ngan

Hong Kong drummer Fingfing Ngan Yan Yong is currently the drummer of the bands “Call Back ASAP” and “Sex On The Beat”. Self-taught and drumming since childhood, she was the runner-up on the “Best Pop Chart” and the top drummer of “Battle Of The Throne” in the ViuTV Drumming Competition. She has more than 10 years of experience and has participated in more than 100 performances in Hong Kong and overseas, including: “Midi Music Festival”, “Metro Hit Awards Show”, “Musiksommer Music Festival in Munich, Germany” and “Drumout Girls-Taipei Station”.

Known for her linear drumming style— and a rising star in the Hong Kong music scene— her IG and YouTube videos have exceeded one million views.

香港女鼓手 Fingfing Ngan 顏泳,現任樂隊及唱片專輯鼓手。自年幼就開始打鼓,現為全職樂手及創作人,擔任「未能接通」樂隊及「Sex on the Beat」音樂組合鼓手,部份歌曲登上「903專業推介」及榮登「新城勁爆流行榜」獲得亞軍歌,ViuTV 鼓樂比賽「擊戰」鼓手,擁有超過10年演出經驗,參與超過約100場香港及海外演出經驗,包括:「迷笛音樂節」、「新城勁爆頒獎禮」開幕表演、「德國慕尼黑 Musiksommer音樂節」、「Drumout Girls-台北站」……被譽為香港年輕性感女鼓手,IG及YOUTUBE影片超過百萬點擊,擅長線性打法(linear) 。

Radhika George

I am very excited to be a part of the judging panel this year and looking forward to listening and watching all the performers. 

A bit about me: My love for percussion developed as I learnt the Tabla at a very young age. Growing up listening to my father’s record collection I developed an interest for drums and percussion. I am a former winner of Hit Like A Girl in the World Percussion category. I am now based on Oakland, California and work part time as a freelance drummer.



AN Yu, famous musician, drummer of Mandarin, young Chinese drummer and educator, is now a director of Shanghai Percussion Association, deputy head of Shanghai Youth Percussion Orchestra, director of IPEA Percussion Association, and a member of the judging panel of National Youth Percussion Competition.

In 2013, AN Yu became the first spokesperson of Japanese YAMAHA drum-set in China. In 2015, he endorsed Canadian SABIAN Cymbals and American REMO drum head. In 2016, he became the spokesperson of Promark Drumstick.

At the age of 8, AN Yu began to learn drums at Nine Beats and has studied with Mr. LI Hongyu for ten years. In 2013, he was admitted to the Department of Modern Instrumental Music and Percussion of Shanghai Conservatory of Music, majored in popular percussion. He was taught by Professor YANG Ruwen, Mr. Chris and Mr. CHU Weiming. In 2018, AN Yu was admitted to the Royal Conservatory of Music, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, to pursue his master’s degree in jazz.

For many years, AN Yu has been a guest of the Shanghai and Beijing International Music Exhibition to demonstrate for a number of world-famous musical instrument brands. He has been frequently invited to perform in international drummer festivals and major jazz festivals all over the country, and has shared the stage with Jojo Mayer, Akira Jimbo, Dom Famularo, Virgil Donati and others, and has been recognized and praised by numerous domestic and foreign masters. He has taken part in Pihuang Project of Shanghai Culture and Art Festival, and has been invited to shows and workshops in India, the U.K., Australia and others for many times.

Daniel “Pipi” Piazolla

Daniel Pipi Piazzolla estudió con Rolando Picardi , Efrain Toro , Joe Porcaro , Casey Scheuerell , Ralph Humphrey, Fernando Martínez ,Sebastian Peyceré ,  Eduardo Casalla , Fernando Valles , Horacio Lopez , Robbie Ameen , Carlos Riganti , johnathan Blake , Kenny Washington , Rodney Green , Adam Nussbaum , Etc.

Ha tocado con artistas mundialmente reconocidos como Paquito D´Rivera, Ute Lemper, Guillermo Klein, Aaron Goldberg, Bill Mc Henry, Miguel Zenón, Hugo Fattoruso, Marty Friedman , Ben Monder, Mike Mossman, Diego Urcola, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Richard Nant, Luis Bonilla, Gary Valente, Arturo O´Farrill afro latin jazz big band, Scott Robinson, Dave Samuels, Elena Roger, Lito Vitale, Pablo Aslan, Ligia Piro, Carlos Cutaia, Raul Lavié, Ernesto Snajer, Anders Jormin , Villu Vesky , Tiit Kalluste , José Angel Trelles, Susana Rinaldi, Gustavo Bergalli, Maria Estela Monti, Escalandrum, Fernando Suarez Paz, Pablo Ziegler, Fernandez 4 , Hernan Jacinto ,  Lucio Balduini , Héctor Console, Nicolás Guerschberg, Horacio Malvicino, Sexteto Mayor, Ute Lemper, etc.

Junto a su grupo Escalandrum ganaron 9 premios Gardel  y  1 Gardel de Oro (máxima distinción de la industria musical Argentina), es el primer grupo de jazz en lograr esa distinción.También Escalandrum estuvo nominado a los Latin Grammy’s Con Escalandrum ya tiene 22 años de historia y 14 discos Grabados . Junto a su trío tiene 3 discos editados y ganó 2 premios Gardel a mejor álbum de jazz del año , el más reciente con su disco Rata .
Está sponsoreado por baterías Yamaha , platillos Zildjian , estuches Esenyurt , Gomas de Práctica y accesorios Hecos y Relojes Raymond weil , Banquetas el Peñón , Forte Cases .

Daniel “Pipi” Paizolla studied with Rolando Picardi, Efrain Toro, Joe Porcaro, Casey Scheuerell, Ralph Humphrey, Fernando Martínez, Sebastian Peyceré, Eduardo Casalla, Fernando Valles, Horacio Lopez, Robbie Ameen, Carlos Riganti, Johnathan Blake, Kenny Washington, Rodney Green, Adam Nussbaum, Etc.

He has played with world-renowned artists such as Paquito D’Rivera, Ute Lemper, Guillermo Klein, Aaron Goldberg, Bill McHenry, Miguel Zenón, Hugo Fattoruso, Marty Friedman, Ben Monder, Mike Mossman, Diego Urcola, Juan Cruz de Urquiza, Richard Nant. , Luis Bonilla, Gary Valente, Arturo O´Farrill afro latin jazz big band, Scott Robinson, Dave Samuels, Elena Roger, Lito Vitale, Pablo Aslan, Ligia Piro, Carlos Cutaia, Raul Lavié, Ernesto Snajer, Anders Jormin , Villu Vesky , Tiit Kalluste, José Angel Trelles, Susana Rinaldi, Gustavo Bergalli, Maria Estela Monti, Escalandrum, Fernando Suarez Paz, Pablo Ziegler, Fernandez 4, Hernan Jacinto, Lucio Balduini, Héctor Console, Nicolás Guerschberg, Horacio Malvicino, Sexteto Mayor, Ute Lemper, etc.

Together with his group Escalandrum they won 9 Gardel awards and 1 Gardel de Oro (highest distinction in the Argentine music industry), they are the first jazz group to achieve this distinction. Escalandrum was also nominated for the Latin Grammy’s. With Escalandrum he already has 22 years of history and 14 Recorded albums. Together with his trio, he has released 3 albums and won 2 Gardel awards for best jazz album of the year, the most recent with his album Rata.

Pipi endorses Yamaha drums, Zildjian cymbals, Esenyurt cases, Hecos Practice Rubbers and accessories
and Raymond Weil Watches, Banquetas el Peñón and Forte Cases.

Aine Fujioka

Drummer • Yoga instructor • founder of “Beats de Roots” • Committee Member of Women In Music Japan • Organiser of “Okaeri Projekt”

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, Aine Fujioka moved to the United States at the age of nineteen to study drums and jazz composition at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston. Since her graduation, she has been actively playing worldwide.

With her well-known steady and deep groove, Aine goes across different genres and continents.

She is one of the very few Japanese or female drummers who played regularly on the legendary Boston music scene. As a long-time member of the Boston-based indie rock band The Grownup Noise, she went on US tours and performed at the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival in Austin, Texas. She has played with soul vocalist Iyeoka whom she now tours with worldwide since 2008 until before the corona pandemic.

After moving to New York in 2011, Aine quickly became one of the most popular drummers on the city’s Blues scene. There she has played with Grammy Winners and nominees such as Bill Sims Jr. and Vasti Jackson.

Since 2015, her music career continues in Berlin, where she re-gains and re-assures her passion and love for music. Her current projects include Tellavision, Carlos Dalelane Band, and Ben Barritt, among other singer-songwriters.

Aine is also actively engaging in developing workshops `Beats de Roots´ for artists to develop physical and mental strength, and American NPO Women in Music Japan to support women in the music industry as a communication committee chair.

Raul Vargas

With 15+ years on the professional music scene in Mexico and South America, Raul Vargas has participated in Youth Symphony Orchestras at the regional and national level. He has also performed at International Cultural and Jazz Festivals and he records for artists and producers from Mexico and the USA at his own studio.

As an educator, Raul has given drum clinics and Master Classes in Conservatories, Music Universities, music stores, music trade shows and international drum festivals. He has contributed to international educational organizations, including Digital Drummer Magazine, Rhythm! Scene Magazine and the Percussive Arts Society’s Percussive Notes. He is currently working as a full-time educator for Berklee College Online as a Mentor and he is Partner in Music for University of West London International. He also runs his own online drum school and Music College.

Raul Vargas endorses Zildjian Cymbals, Vater Drumsticks, Remo Drumheads, TAMA Drums and Casa Veerkamp.

Morgan Berthet

Morgan Berthet is one of the most famous drummers in France. He started playing drums at the age of 3 and attended several music schools as a child. In 2006, he graduated from the prestigious professional music school, Music Academy International in Nancy, where he received an official mention of excellence.

Since then he has pursued his professional career in France and abroad— playing with many top prog rock and metal bands and touring the world. In a little more than a decade, he has performed hundreds of shows and given dozens masterclasses.

The former drummer of bands such as Eyeless and The Mars Chronicles, Morgan has also recorded with Eths, Stephan Forte, Headcharger, In Other Climes, Adagio, H.A.H. and Disconnected. He currently tours and records with Myrath, Kadinja and Klone. In addition, he is the author of a regular column in France’s leading drum publication, Batterie.

Morgan endorses Tama, Murat Diril, Evans, Promark and Hyraw Clothing.