Siddhi Shah

Siddhi Shah is a drummer by passion and a performer by nature. Having had quite an artistic upbringing, she soon came to see Art as a true form of expression before embarking on her musical journey. She has been conducting private drum classes by the name DrumCore and has tutored several students over the years, helping them with their drumming skills as well as Trinity/Rockschool grade exams.Currently, Siddhi is a Freelancing drummer & percussionist, exploring various Genres with several independent artists and bands. She plays the Drum Kit, Cajon, Djembe, Darbuka and Roland SPDSX.

Srishty Paditar

A world record holder for playing drum continuously for 31 hours, Srishty Paditar is a software engineer turned drummer to follow her passion. She has been featured by “The Better India”, “Amazing things people do in world”, “Business Standard” “Wittyfeed”, “India’s Pride”, Tamil Vikatan magazine and has been interviewed by many leading news channels. She has performed in VH1 Supersonic Pune (2020) with Madame Gandhi and has performed in two seasons of Women of Rhythm. She has judged various music competitions mainly at EPFO, Daly college. Currently she conducts drum classes by name Drum It Academy and simultaneously working on her own singles and solo creations. Professionally working as a freelance drummer, exploring percussion and many other instruments and diving deep into the flow.