Zoé Hochberg

Zoé Hochberg is a 27-year old professional drummer and composer who graduated from the French drum school Dante Agostini in Paris.

Passionated by hybrid sounds, Zoé is the drummer of the French pop band Hyphen Hyphen, mixing her acoustic drumming with some electronic production triggers and sequences.

She has been touring and recording with many artists for the past 8 years such as Soko, Naive New Beaters, Angelique Kidjo, Zazie, Laura Cahen, Elodie Frégé, Annika & the Forest, Theo Hakola…

Zoé is also deeply involved in growing the female and GNC drummers community as she currently manages and hosts Tom Tom Magazine’s CHOPS TV sessions on Instagram.

In 2018, she was featured in Batteur Magazine and Batterie Magazine, and part of the “Revelations Of The Year 2019” in Batterie magazine.

Zoé officially endorses DW drums, Zildjian cymbals, ProOrca drumsticks and Code Drumheads.

Clara Oulieu

Clara Oulieu is a musician from Toulouse, France and is the 18+ winner of HLAG 2020 French edition. 

She first learned to play the guitar and started her drumming journey by hitting a DIY drum kit made of her mother’s cooking pots at age 14. After several years of self-teaching, she joined the Dante Agostini drum school in Toulouse for 3 years to learn music theory and new kinds of rhythms. For a few years now, Clara shares her passion for drumming on Instagram by posting drum covers and grooves, which enabled her to connect with great musicians around the world. 

Since 2020, she accompanies emerging French pop artist Prattseul.

Julie Simorre

Devoted since her adolescence by the Metal milieu, Julie Simorre began drumming at the age of 15— taking private lessons before attending the M.A.I (Music Academy International). This famous pro school, unique in France, gave her the opportunity to learn from professors such as Franck AGHULON, Olivier BALDISSERA, Alain GOZZO, Gaël FERET, Denis PALATIN, Richard-Paul MORELLINI, Fred VILLARD, Guillaume PIHET and more.

Julie’s apprentice journey finally completed, she went on to play in various Metal bands such as HELLXHERE, ALPHA SPECIMEN or MIND IMPERIUM. In addition, she began teaching drums in the south of France, le Var, then in Lyon area.

In 2019, Julie published the first volume of her drumming method “A Vos baguettes!” (Get your sticks!) whose second part been released in 2020 and the third part is already written.


Caroline Geryl

Growing up in Normandy, Caroline Geryl was first inspired to play music as a child after watching the Simon and Garfunkel’s show in Central Park on TV : “I just wanted to be a one of the musicians on the stage,” she remembers.

She started to learn the Flute, the Piano and the Saxophone in Music School at the age of 7, while her brother played the drums. 10 years later, after a lazy and chilly afternoon on the beach, she came back home with a friend, who played the guitar, “Why don’t you play the drums?” he said. “I can only play Sade’s song Sweetest Taboo,” she replied.  She would go on to become the drummer of his band. 6- months later, she played her first gig : “I knew right then that I wanted to be a drummer,” she recalls.

Caroline decided to enter the Agostini Academy in Rouen with Philippe Marchesetti. She studied Steve Gadd, Budy Rich and Phil Jo Jones’ styles. At the same time, she studied classical composition at University, where she was very fond of composers like Debussy, Satie and Ligetti.

Her Uncle had a huge collection of vinyls and helped her discover Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Kraftwerk, The Doors, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and The Rolling Stones. She was also influenced by bands and artists like Depeche Mode, Talk Talk, Bowie, and Stevie Wonder. “It’s really important to listen and discover every kind of music; it feeds the way you play.”

After she graduated, she played on stage for Petit Vodo, My Park, Têtes Raides, Les Pieds s’Entêtent, Jeanne Cherhal, Daphné, Clarika, We are Knights, Annika and the Forest, Alice Lewis, Camille Hardouin, Milkymee, Dani, Boostee and  recorded for Petit Vodo, Annika and The Forest, We Are Knights, Les Pieds S’Entêtent, Camille Hardouin and Niki Niki.

But her first music crush was Mickael Jackson. “The first time I saw him, I suddenly understood that I should not try playing the drums but ‘dancing drums’.”

Now, she is playing for Pomme, Canine, Naïve New Beaters, Vale Poher, Lay This Drum, Yelli Yelli and Guillaume Meurice.

Last year, she took courses in Music to Picture with Didier Falk, Didier Goret and Jacques Bastello and consequently has collaborated with Annika Grill as a composer for the music to the documentary ‘South Africa, Chromatic Portraits’ written by Valérie Urréa and Nathalie Masduraud. She is also working on her side project of ‘20,000 Leagues Under The Sea“.

Morgane Taylor

Morgane Taylor is a French drummer, born and raised in the sunny French Riviera. She grew up behind the drums, starting in 2000. Her professional playing includes studio sessions as well as live concerts.

At the age of only 27, she already played more than 100 live concerts both in France and Switzerland. Morgane shared the stage at Drummher Festival with Anika Nilles in 2018 and was selected as the solo drummer for a 360° video of the Cannes Lions Festival created by Asteroide.

Her progress and perseverance, along with her strong but elegant drumming, has allowed her to distinguish herself in the music industry.

Swanny Elzingre

French batteuse Swanny Elzingre first learned to the play the piano but turned to drums at the age of 18. At 25 she decided to pursue a career in music and continued to strengthen her stage and studio playing. Her playing, which combines subtlety and femininity, lacks neither power nor bite.

Swanny has played in various styles (rock, pop, French chanson, soul) and in a variety of projects, including shows with French singer songwriter Cali and a tour with French singer songwriter Nach. In 2013, she gave the opening masterclass for the Drums Chelles Sessions— a major drum event/fair in the Paris region— with top European drummers Loïc Pontieux, Maxime Zampieri, Zaza Desiderio, Gergo Borai and Morgan Agren.

In 2015 Swanny toured the Zenith venues across France with French chanson singer Juniore, opening for best-selling act Brigitte . Her work with Juniore led to her being featured in the pages of Vogue, Elle and Grazia, and the French trend-setting magazine, Les Inrockuptibles.

More recently she has played drums live on national radio stations such as France Inter, Radio Nova, Ouï FM and on French national TV networks Canal +, France 5, Arte, France 2.

Swanny is influenced by drummers such as John Bonham, Dave Grohl, David Garibaldi, Steve Gadd and Nate Smith— and their world-class grooves.