Yuki Ogawa

・Hit Like A Girl 2018 ☆ Champion (under 18)
・Hit Like A Girl 2017 ☆ 2nd runner up (under 18)

Hello everyone!
My name is Yuki Ogawa.
I am 16 years old.
I’ve been playing the drums since I was 3 year old.
3 years ago, I was extremely pleased to become the champion of “Hit Like A Girl 2018” in the 10th year since I’ve started to play the drums!
As a judge this year, I am honored to be involved in the contest.
I would like to make the “Hit Like A Girl 2021” exciting together with you!
Good luck and best wishes !

Now, I’d like to introduce my career a little.

・2013’ CD Release : “Prologue” by Yuki Ogawa (Gekidan-Himawari “Asuka Monogatari” Stage music)
・2014’ Recordings : “Asuka Monogatari” by Tenchi Garaku
・2014’ 2015’ 2016’ 2019’ Performance / tour : “Kyoji Yamamoto Sanyo tour” support drummer
・2017’ Recordings : “Yamato Mahoroba” by Tenchi Garaku
・2018’ I formed my own band “Big Bang Attack”