Veve Wolf

Veve Wolf (aka Veronika Svecova) has been drumming for thirteen years— quickly developing a solid, energetic modern style that incorporates an abundance of groove, creativity, energy and power. With a particular lean towards contemporary elements ranging from Metalcore, Heavy Rock/Metal and also Funk, Classic Rock and electronic, Veve’s drumming displays consistent growth with a technical powerhouse approach that is loaded with passion and innovation. 

Original from from Slovakia, Veve moved to Dublin, Ireland in 2018 where she quickly established herself in the country’s flourishing metal scene, as the drummer for Neon Empire. The group fleshed out a unique, individual sound by experimenting with the established Metalcore formula and adding elements of electronica, dance and even prog rock to their palette.

In 2021 Veve was selected as a winner of the Hit Like A Girl contest for the UK region.