Teri Coté

Teri Coté began drumming on pots and pans from the kitchen at 7 years old, she was highly inspired by Earth, Wind and Fire, Prince, Michael Jackson, Queen, ELO, Barry White, James Taylor and many more. With her kitchen kit, she set up right in front of the stereo and jammed out with the bands. 

Teri started playing drums in the drum corps at 12 years old, realizing she was serious about drumming, her mother bought her a drum set for her 13th birthday, a Ludwig Orange Vistalite, just like John Bonham’s. The next year she and her mother moved to Northern California and at 14 she got her first professional gig. Teri gigged and toured through-out high school, with a country family band called The Marcy Brothers who were eventually signed to Warner Bros. They toured the country as an opening act for top name artists and bands such as: George Strait, Alabama, HWY 101, Dolly Parton, Exile, Charlie Daniels, Juice Newton, Eddie Rabbit and many others. 

Next she moved to Reno, Nv upon graduating high school and joined a professional top 40 band. They played casino’s regularly locally and nationally as well as traveling abroad to Japan, where they lived and played for six months as a house band at a club in Matsuyama. A few years later she moved to Las Vegas and worked at Caesars Palace for three years, in a house band called Anita Sarawak and The American Dream. Anita was a huge star in Asia having been with BMI since she was 17, and 11 albums. In addition to the Caesars gig, they toured Asia and Australia.

From there, Teri moved to Scottsdale, AZ, and played with many different musicians, one being Jeff Dayton (long time musical director for the Glenn Campbell Band). Jeff and Teri had a small country band together for several years. Next she moved to Austin Tx, where she played with many artists including Stephen Bruton, Extreme Heat, Earle Poole Ball, (long time musical director for Johnny Cash) just to name a few. From Austin she moved to Ashland, Or where she played several years with blues artist Karen Lovely and then landed the David Cassidy gig, which she held for 15 years, to the end of his career. By then she had moved to Boston, Ma and married her drummer husband Sergio Bellotti. Teri and Sergio have two drum shops and a cymbal boutique in Boston, both teach drums as well as perform. 

Teri’s performed with, David Cassidy, Stephen Bruton, Bo Diddley, Eric Martin, Freddy Powers, Nidia Rojas, Ralna English, Anita Sarawak, Karen Lovely, Tony Lynn Washington and many, many others.  

Currently she’s involved in an original duo called JamProv with piano player “Jane Potter” an Ear Training Professor at Berklee College of Music. They write music with varying influences: jazz, r&b and pop with infectious grooves, odd time meters and interweaving vocals with harmonies. 

Teri teaches drums regularly at 247Drums in Winchester, Ma and works her jewelry line she started four years ago with drum parts, called DRUM JEWELS. 

Teri endorses Yamaha, Sabian, REMO and Vic Firth.