Tammy Mitchell-Woods

Tammy Mitchell-Woods is an independent drummer in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area playing with many artists, teaching clinics and drum lessons and playing for area churches. Tammy is the founder of the largest female drumming community on Facebook,  Drummergirls United, with over 6,300 members.  

Tammy has been the subject of articles in Drum! Magazine, Tom Tom Magazine and Metal Mag. She won the Hidden Hero award and was featured in 21st Century Drummer’s first issue of their magazine in 2020. Tammy has also been featured by Women’s International Music Network and Drum Talk TV as well as on radio and many podcast and print interviews. Tammy was in the documentary Beatkeepers: Women with Rhythm and was a keynote speaker for the premier in Nashville in 2019. 

In 2020 Facebook featured Drummergirls United in a commercial for International Women’s Day and Tammy and 4 other members were chosen to drum in the commercial. 

Tammy is an endorsing artist for Remo Drum Heads, Welch Tuning System Drums, Heartbeat Cymbals, Cooper Groove Drum Sticks, No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves, Sledgepad, Kick Strap, The Drum Wallet and Big Fat Snare Drum.