Shi Xu

Drummer/educator Shi Xu is the Executive Director as well as the Deputy Director of the Teaching and Research Department of the Shanghai Percussion Association. He is also a Visiting Professor at the Shandong Percussion Academy.

Since graduating from the Queen’s College of Music with a master’s degree in jazz drum performance, he has been invited to participate in teaching demonstrations and performances throughout China— appearing on the same stage with masters such as Dom Famularo, Lucas Van Merwijk, Ian Forman and Antonio Hart.

Shi Xu remains active on the jazz scene in Shanghai and Beijing and has collaborated with JQ Withcomb, Alec Haavik, Toby Mak, Danny Zanker, Antonio Aximenes, Brain Hurley, Li Xiaochuan, Jian Yi, Zhu Mang, Xue Yue, Zhang Xiongguan, Gao Taihang, Xiao He , Bao Junrui, Zeng Hao, Tian Xin and other famous jazz musicians as well as pop musicians Gong Ziqi, Jin Shengquan, Li Xiangzhe and others.

Shi Xu oftens performs at the Shanghai Jazz club, Wooden Box and other clubs. He has performed at the Shanghai Jazz Festival, Shanghai Jazz Spring Music Festival, Strawberry Music Festival and other major music festivals. He has also served as a judge for the Shanghai National Percussion Competition and the Xiamen International Percussion Competition.

He has toured the country with Richard Sussman, professor of jazz piano at the Manhattan School of Music, founded Time Factory, serving as the leader and arranger, and his band won the first place in the first jazz master band competition held by Music China.

Most recently, Shi Xu formed his own jazz trio, the “Shi Xu Trio” and won the first place in the professional group of the Xiamen Percussion International Competition. He also served on the editorial board for the Shanghai Percussion Association’s electronic drum test course and jazz drum test course.

Shi Xu endorses Paiste, Promark, Evans and EFnote Drums