Ryan Stevenson

Born and raised in Montreal Canada, Ryan Stevenson is a self-taught drummer who started his career in metal/rock bands at the age of 15. Later on, he left his bands to start his own “one-man show” project called “The Ryan Stevenson Show”. This concept is based entirely around the drums, and its goal was to prove to all drummers out there that they as well can be the artist and be upfront in the spotlight while playing to all different styles of music.

Ryan is not just a drummer but also a showman/entertainer at heart. His one-man show opened doors for him to join numerous tours of all genres of music worldwide where the artist wished to add his unique touch to their live shows. Always wanting to do more, he then got the opportunity to adventure into the world of Drum Clinics making his first appearances in China in 2018. Ryan is currently on tour with a new project called “ATCK” featuring AJ from the Backstreet Boys, but still continues his solo project show, clinics and session work with other artists around the globe.

Ryan Stevenson plays Tama Drums, Sabian Cymbals, Evans Drumheads, Promark sticks, Roland electronics, Drumdots, Cympad, Big Fat Snare Drum and Prologix practice pads.