Ricardo “Oso” Cortez

A versatile drummer and percussionist and consumate musician who has recorded and toured with countless artists, Ricardo “Oso” Cortez has been drumming since the age of 8. He has studied with a variety of the world’s top drummers and percussionists, including Alvaro López, Jr. Gregg Bissonette, Antonio Sanchez, Robert Van Zice and Yaddi Camera.

In addition to being the drummer and musical director for renowned Mexican artist Juan Solo, Ricardo is the drummer for top-selling pop duo Ha-Ash. He also participated as producer and director of the Aillen project tribute album and has participated in drum clinics throughout the country. He has toured extensively in North, South and Central America with these and other major international artists.

In 2021, Ricardo and Ha-Ash plan to tour the Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Brazil, Guatemala, El Salvador and Costa Rica, as well as the other countries of Central America, the United States and México. 

View Oso’s YouTube channel here.