Monica Izquierdo

Mónica Waleska Izquierdo Montenegro was born in Guatemala City, Guatemala. She is known in the musical world as LA ZURDA (The Lefty), not because she is left-handed, but because she is the sister of Pablo Izquierdo, a well-known drummer who is known as EL ZURDO. Monica comes from a family of musicians and is a groundbreaking drummer in Guatemala.

She started playing drums at the age of 12 and played in several played in rock bands, including the first women’s rock band in Guatemala, PLUG 28:19. She currently plays in the band DEPENDIENTE. She was invited to play with the Martial Symphony Orchestra for the anniversary of the Polytechnic School of Guatemala and has often been invited to play with internationally recognized musicians. Her favorite music is rock and she has had a very broad career and musical experience.

Monica was the winner of several national drumming competitions. Among these was a contest organized by Almacenes Siman, where she took first place— beating her own brother.

Monica’s drumming is characterized by her advanced technique and her use of the double bass drum.