Martina Barakoska

Martina Barakoska is a drummer and musician who, in her considerably short career, has gained notable achievements. Deep and thoughtful yet energetic and playful, her style reflects her love of modern music and her fascination with the power of the drums. Throughout the years, she has maintained continuous growth and success preaching individuality, quality and persistency.

Winning an award for the best drummer at “T’k Tak” drum competition when she was only 17 was followed by many major music projects. She is quite active in the music scene in North Macedonia and the Balkans having played with Duper, Vladimir Chetkar, Luboyna, Skopje Brass Quintet, Sashko Kostov, Pijan Slavej, Dina Jashari, Funk Shui, DragiIvanov and other notable artists. In 2019 she toured Europe as part of an audio-visual project called Con-Front.

In 2021 she released her first solo album “Weird Fishes” and, following its success, played her first Drum Festival at Alteisa Drumfest, which took place in Zamora, Spain. She also played at Skopje DrumFest and Prvo Pa Zensko as a Solo Artist.

As of now, she is trying to leave her mark, both, online and offline, and empower others to do what they love despite the stereotypes with her project, “Martina Barakoska”.