Lina Anderberg

Born in a small town in Sweden, and without any musical experience, Lina Anderberg “accidentally” tried out the drums when she was a young teen. She was immediately hooked. She went on to graduate from one of Sweden’s most prestigious music schools in 2016 and started working with many top local and international artists— performing in front of thousands at concerts and on live TV. 

Following short break in 2019 to study in Los Angeles, Lina returned to Sweden and, due to the pandemic-related lack of work, began posting on social media. The quality of her content brought her drumming to a wider audience and established her reputation as a solid, pocket player and serious musician. This popularity led to many new opportunities, including an invitation to appear at the 2021 Bag Show in Paris. 

Lina’s goal is to continue to grow as a musician and her dream is to tour the world.

Lina Anderberg endorses Pearl, Zildjian, Vic Firth and Remo.