Li Hongyu

Mr. Li Hongyu, serves as: specially appointed member of Percussion Expert Committee of Culture and Art Talent Center of Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China, teacher of modern percussion major of the Affiliated Middle School of Tianjin Conservatory of Music, founder of Tianjin Nine Beats Education and Technology Group, council member of the Percussion Society of China Musicians Association, executive member of Shanghai Percussion Association, deputy director of Tianjin Chamber of Commerce for Education and Training Industry and member of Tianjin Heping District Youth Association.

Mr. Li Hongyu has been engaged in drum performance and education for over 30 years since he established Nine Beats in 2003. By December 2021, Nine Beats has built over 1300 branch schools in 615 cities among 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions throughout China. In 2019, Nine Beats USA headquarters was launched in Los Angeles, California, USA, which was invested by China Nine Beats Education and Technology Group and joined by Mr. Thomas Lang, the world-renowned artist. It marked a milestone for the brand globalization strategy layout of Nine Beats China.

Based on many years of teaching and performing experience, Mr. Li Hongyu has developed a complete set of “Nine Beats Teaching System”, “Nine Beats Staff Training System” and “Nine Beats Business School Management System”. A large number of excellent students have stood out through Nine Beats special teaching methods, namely as “Nine Beats Collective Teaching Method”, “Nine Beats Effective Class Training Method” and “Nine Beats Thumb Education Concepts”, which are truly step-wise teaching materials for drum set learners; over 7,000 instructors teaching at different Nine Beats centers have attended Mr. Li’s training programs; The management system of Nine Beats Business School ensures the all-round development of all branch centers of Nine Beats.

In 2004, Mr. Li Hongyu started to edit Nine Beats Drum Set Course, and the course was published in 2008, which includes 18 books of 6 collections. The course system has been highly praised as “the most logical textbook in drum set” by numerous drum set masters such as Virgil Donati of Australia, Thomas Lang of Austria, Rick Latham and Dom Famularo who are American drum-set educators and performers. It has been widely adopted by teachers and peer institutions over the decade. In 2017, Mr. LI Hongyu and his teaching team began to edit systems of Nine Beats Electric Guitar Course, Nine Beats Electric Bass Course, Nine Beats Marching Percussion Course, and Nine Beats Marimba Course, which have been published consecutively. Again, Nine Beats Guitar Teaching System will change the development direction of China’s modern music education and training industry.