Karen Newell

HLAG-X 40+ Champion Karen Newell has been playing and teaching drums and other percussion for most of her life. In addition to teaching marching drum lines and private lessons she is known for her creative approach to music which includes making and playing instruments out of common household items such as car mufflers, exhaust pipes, paint buckets and trash cans. Karen also directs a “Stomp-like” percussion ensemble for women called The Les Prestines.

Karen has been a Hit Like A Girl weekly winner and finalist numerous times including: finalist in 2018 (tenors), 2 nd in 2019, 3 rd in 2020 and Champion in 2021 (over 40 category). In addition to playing and teaching drums, Karen has used her talent and creative energy for various social activism and empowerment events such as: Girls Rock Camp, Ladies Rock Camp, Atlanta Pride, Women’s Outdoor Network and putting on an annual percussion ensemble/drumming concert to raise funds and awareness for a project that provides health care for migrant farm workers and their families thru Emory University School of Medicine where she recently retired as an Assistant Professor in the Physician Assistant Program.

Currently, Karen plays tenors for the Troopers Alumni Drum Corp, teaches virtual private lessons and drumming to senior citizens.