Jessica Goodwin

Jessica Goodwin is a heavy hitting rock drummer based in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up in Las Vegas, she got her start in the school band and studied percussion at the Las Vegas Academy of Performing Arts high school where she played in concert band, percussion ensemble and jazz band. Outside of school, Jessica played in a local punk band where she pursued her true passion of playing drum kit and performing live.

Since moving to Los Angeles in 2008, Jess has played with artists Big Black Delta, Torii Wolf, Zachary Kibbee, Diamonds Under Fire, Omniflux, She Demons, Ex-Sage, Glam Skanks and Wind River Revival among others. She has toured the US, Canada, Europe and the United Kingdom, and has performed on the Ellen Degeneres show with Troy Sivan, played drums in a 2017 TV commercial for, and has been featured in ads for Guitar Center across the United States. 

Jessica endorses Vater drumsticks, TRX cymbals and Cympad.