Camille Bigeault

Camille Bigeault is a 30-year old French drumming sensation from Toulouse, France. Born to musician parents, she started drumming at 12 and composing, playing guitar and singing at 15. Later, she studied drums in a conservatory with a teacher that taught her Jazz, fusion, rock, and metal styles along with double pedal, drum ‘n’ bass, different time signatures and various drum techniques.

She earned a drum award at the school and a jazz musicology degree, all while playing with multiple bands, including Xxelles, a female jazz-fusion band, and La theorie des cordes, a progressive jazz-rock band. She later joined the Genesis tribute band, Genesya, and, after posting some of her mind-bending, polyrhythmic-based drumming videos on social networks, she was tapped to play in the French rock opera “Le Rouge et Le Noir”.

Since moving to Paris in 2017, Camille has become one of the busiest drummers in the city. As an educator, she shot educational videos about polyrhythms with Drumeo and Drumchannel, gave masterclasses and made appearances and clinics at drum festivals and events. As a performer, she toured with the french pop mega-star Jenifer, and currently plays with Mae Defays (soul/pop), PV Nova et l’internet orchestra (Funk/rock) and Edgar Mauer (Indie pop). She will release a drum method later this year.

Camille endorses Meinl cymbals, Tama drums, Remo heads, Vic Firth sticks and Cympad.