Brandon Khoo

Brandon Khoo is the founder of Progressive metal band COEN and a versatile session drummer with more than 15 years of experience playing globally on stages and recording studios in countries like Japan, Canada, United States, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Indonesia, Philippines.

He has performed for/worked with Grammy-award winning guitarist Kiko Loureiro (Megadeth), Grammy nominated keyboardist Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), and opened up for multiple Platinum recording band The Script, Golden Melody Awards winning singer Emil Chau, Golden Horse Award winning singer and actor Leon Lai, Jaycee Chan (Son of Jackie Chan), Wu Jiahui and Serene Koong.

Brandon is also a drum clinician and has held drum clinics and master classes in Japan and Indonesia.

Known for his YouTube video “How can you tell a good drummer and a bad drummer apart?” which has been viewed over 4 million times. Brandon continues to emphasize the importance of serving the song rather than yourself while playing with many different artists in a wide scope of genres, from the Pop, rock, latin and metal genre and a series of drum covers which can be found on his YouTube channel. Brandon also has performed in Drumeo in 2017 and filmed a series of lessons for members of Drumeo. His videos on Drumeo has reached over a million people around the world.  

Brandon endorses Vater Drumsticks, TRX Cymbals, Mapex Drums, Cympad, FATfreq In-Ear Monitors, Audio-Technica Microphones, Skygel Damper Pads.