Bingchen Han

Bingchen Han. Born in 1997. Nine beats elite dummer and percussionist. Member of the nine beats education researching group. Net-east musician. Study drum from Mr. Li (Founder of Nine beats education group) since 5 years ago. At the age 16, join the SABIAN Chinese artist group. Started to compose during middle school period and completed 20 songs still now. Was invited to join the International music exhibition and drummer festival in Shanghai and Beijing for years. And followed Mr. Li to made nine beats education presentation around China. In 2016 study in world music department in Codarts (Conservatory Rotterdam) Netherlands. In 2018 transfer to Conservatorium van Amsterdam to study Jazz percussion. (study by Lucas van merwijk) And join his world tour plan of percussion band “Drum United”. In the same time, also performed together with the Grammy winner Cory Henry (Keyboard of snarky puppy) and Metropole Orchestra.