Anika Nilles

Anika Nilles debuted online in 2013 on her YouTube channel by releasing videos showcasing her unique compositions and playing style. She quickly built a name for herself, boasting nearly 23 million views on her videos and touring all over the world as a well known artist and clinician.

Anika’s playing style is distinguished by her strong groove, her finesse in technique, her unique sound and her ability to make complex rhythms sound easy. Her use of the drum set as an expressive instrument rather than just a rhythm keeper allows for some extravagant playing without stealing the focus away from the music.

Anika is also dedicated to inspiring drummers and musicians world wide to develop their skills and create their own music. In 2020 she released her first educational book, “Pad Book” in cooperation with Alfred Music. Most recently she released her second full length album along with her band Nevell, which was immediately listed on the ‘iTunes 40 Top Jazz Releases’ chart in the USA and climbed its way to number #3.

Well known in the drumming community, Anika won the ‘Modern Drummer Readers Poll’ for ‘Up And Coming Artist’ as well as #1 Rising Star’ in “DRUM!” Magazine in 2015 and 2016. She was voted #3 in the UK drummies awards in 2017 and ‘#1 Best Clinician’ on Musicradar in 2018 and #3 in 2019. Anika is currently teaching at the Popakademie university for popular music and music business in Germany and the UK and is a guest lecturer at DRUMEO.

Anika plays MEINL cymbals, TAMA drums, EVANS drumheads and PROMARK sticks.

photo by Sabine Schoeneberger