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Joe Hibbs Special Award To Recognize The Hardest Working Drummer.

Joe Hibbs Special Award To Recognize The Hardest Working Drummer.

Sponsored by The Sessions, one $500 grant recipient will be chosen based on dedication, determination, perseverance and hard work.

Hit Like A Girl and The Sessions have jointly announced the establishment of the “Joe Hibbs Award”. Created in honor of one of the hardest-working people in the drum business, the $500 grant will be given to the Hit Like A Girl contest participant who demonstrates the highest levels of dedication, ambition, persistence and integrity— the values that made the late Joe Hibbs such a positive influence on the drumming community and so respected by the people he worked with.

“This award is for the hardest-working, most determined player,” explains The Sessions founder, Jules Follett. “Someone who has shown exceptional dedication in the face of extraordinary challenges. We feel this is the most appropriate way for us to honor Joe and support Hit Like A Girl’s goal of empowering more girls to follow their dreams.”

Joe Hibbs was a beloved and trusted icon in the drum business. After starting his career as a player he went on to became one of the most respected artist relations managers; working for Tama, Premier, Promark, Sonor and Mapex and working with legendary drummers such as Kenny Aronoff, Lars Ulrich, Gregg Bissonette, Steve Smith, Billy Cobham, Simon Phillips, Chris Adler, Pete Lockett, Russ Miller and many others. The Joe Hibbs Award is a $500 grant that can be used for lessons, gear, studio rental or other drumming-related expenses. The recipient of the award will be determined by The Sessions.

The Sessions is a powerful and uplifting interactive presentation to sharpen an artist’s business skills, such as contract negotiations, entertainment law, marketing, self-promotion, social media and artist relations. For further information visit


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