Welcome To The Hit Like A Girl 2020 Marching Percussion Contest


Some contestants have reported problems completing their registration through our online entry process. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. However, If you are unable to register online or do not receive a confirmation by email, please contact us at info@hitlikeagirlcontest.wpcdn-b.com so that we can help you through the process.

Get Back In The Game!

While no one could have predicted a year without DCI, WinterGuard and high school and college drum lines, COVID-19 has put us all on the sidelines. The Hit Like A Girl 2020 Marching Percussion Contest is a chance to get back in the game— an opportunity to set new goals, showcase your skills and be creative.

• Submit a solo or cover marching snare drum video to win gear, performance opportunities and the crown!

• Earn Bonus Points and support HLAG’s “Stick Together” mission to raise technical skill levels by creating a completely new rudiment or a variation of an existing rudiment and incorporating it into your entry.

HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest Rules • Part 1

Sorry Boys, Ladies Only

Only women, girls and individuals who identify as female are eligible to enter.

Global/Amateur Contest

Hit Like A Girl Contest is an international contest for amateur drummers. For more information, see “Eligibility”, below.

Age Groups

There are two age divisions for the HLAG 2020 MPC: Under 18 (<18) and 18-Plus (18+). The appropriate age group is determined by the contestant's age as of the start of the contest, October 1, 2020.

Instruments & Grips

HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest entries must be on marching snare drums or drum pads. Submissions using traditional grip, matched grip or both are accepted. “Showcase” videos on other Marching Percussion instruments are accepted but will not be considered for competition.

3-Minute Drumming Video

The minimum length of an entry video is 1:00 minute. There is no maximum time limit but the suggested length of an entry video is 3:00 minutes. Solo and cover videos are eligible.

Evaluation Criteria

Entries will be scored using a proprietary scoring rubric developed by GridBook Percussion. Click here to view or download.

60% Performance

30% Musical Quality: Tempo, Dynamics, Sound Quality, Consistency

30% Musical Creativity: Arranging, Vocabulary, Tones, Entertainment Value

40% Presentation

20% Video Quality: Framing, Lighting, Audio, Mixing

20% Video Creativity: Story, Theme, Location, Effects

Stick Together Bonus

Up to 5 Bonus Points can be added to a contestant's score for creating a new rudiment or a variation of an existing rudiment and incorporating it into their entry.

Include the name and a photo of the rudiment with the entry registration form.


HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest Judges

HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest Rules • Part 2

Contest Entry Checklist

1. Entry video uploaded online.
Entry videos can be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo. Post your video and copy the URL (link) so you can paste it into your contest entry form.

2. Select and fill-out the registration form.
Entry opens October 1, 2020 at 12:01PM PT. To enter the contest, sign-up or sign-in to your HLAG profile, select the appropriate age group to access the registration form and fill-in the required fields with your entry and contact information.

3. A brief story about you, your drumming and your video.
Include information about when and why you started drumming, who your favorite drummers are, notes about your entry and anything else you’d like to share with your fans.

4. A recent photo of yourself with your drum.
Your photo will appear with your entry and may also be used for promotion in print, electronic and social media. Professional photos are not required but high-quality images are appreciated.

Finalists & Judging

Up to 25 Finalists and “Wild Card” entries in each age group will be selected and judged by a panel of top drummers, teachers and former HLAG Champions. (Note: The HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest does not include a Public Voting phase.)

And The Winner Is…

The Hit Like A Girl 2020 Marching Percussion Champions and 2nd and 3rd place Winners in each age group will be announced on the Hit Like A Girl website on October 26, 2020 at 12:00 PM PST. These winners receive prizes and performance opportunities (at the discretion of HLAG management). For more information, see “Prizes”, below.

Special Awards
Special Award recipients are selected by representatives of a range of industry,   media and educational sponsors based on talent, geography and/or need.

Participation Rewards
Everyone who enters HLAG receives a certificate of participation (upon request) and access to the PowerPack digital goody bag that includes free educational material, booklets, magazines and discount coupons.

HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest Schedule

Entry Opens : October 1, 2020 @12:01AM PT
Entry Closes: October 19, 2020 @11:59PM PT
Judging: October 20 -25, 2020
Winners Announced: October 26, 2020

Champions' Collab Video Premier: November 14, 2020 @9:00AM PT

The HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest Is Presented By

HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest Prizes

Important Notice Regarding Prizes For The 2020 Hit Like A Girl Contest

While the sponsors of the 2020 HLAG Marching Percussion Contest were confirmed earlier this year, some of the specific prizes were not determined prior to the time the drum industry shut-down for COVID-19 safety. Therefore, we are not able to publish a complete list of prizes at this time. In addition, delivery of some prizes may be delayed due to limited availability. We will update this page with more information as it becomes available. (Prizes and specifications subject to change without notice.)

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HLAG 2020 Marching Percussion Contest Notes


  1. All entrants must identify as female.
  2. Champions (grand prize winners) of previous Hit Like A Girl contests are not eligible to participate in the contest in the same category or age group they won. However, previous finalists and entrants may participate.
  3. Individuals must be a “Qualified Entrant” to participate in the Contest. A “Qualified Entrant” is defined as one who:

a) does not earn more than $50,000 adjusted gross per year as a professional musician, based on the prior tax year

b) is not a party to any endorsement or entertainment contracts that, in the Sponsor’s sole determination, conflict with the spirit of the contest.

For purposes of clarity, the term “professional musician” does not include teaching music or giving music lessons. Income derived from teaching-related activities is not counted in determination of a contestant’s status.


The Contest is void where prohibited by law. Employees of sponsors and media supporters and each of their affiliated companies, parents, subsidiaries, officers, directors, employees and their immediate families or family members are not eligible to participate in this contest. Any person employed by or interning with Hit Like A Girl Contest at any time from October 1, 2020 through the conclusion of the Contest will be considered an “Employee” and is not eligible to enter.

Our Mission

Hit Like A Girl’s mission is to create a fun, fair, and safe environment to celebrate and cultivate female drummers, percussionists and beat makers. The contest is intended to showcase and encourage drumming and lifelong musicianship for girls and women around the world.

The Hit Like A Girl 2020 Marching Percussion Contest is produced by Hit Like A Girl, Inc. (a non-profit organization) and made possible by the generous support of artists, individuals and companies in the music and music products industries. Special thanks to the 2020 Hit Like A Girl Marching Percussion Contest Team for donating their time and talent, including: AJ Kostromina, Jamese Moses, Mark Perrett and Raychel Taylor.

Note: Rules, dates and specifications subject to change without notice. 



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