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Former Rhythm Editor Joins HLAG Team

2016 Louise King

By Radim McCue

Published January 4, 2015

The Hit Like A Girl contest is proud to announce that Louise King, the former editor of Rhythm Magazine, has joined the contest management team as a senior director. While Louise’s main responsibilities will be to solicit and manage HLAG judges and ambassadors, she will also be involved in planning and promoting many other aspects of the international drumming contest for women and girls.

2016 Louise King
Comments Louise, “I’m thrilled to be working on this, the fifth Hit Like A Girl Contest. What I want to see— and what I’ve always wanted to see— is more girls playing drums. Not only does the competition provide a fantastic platform for female drummers from around the world to showcase their talents, it’s also incredibly inspiring to see previous contestants such as Anika Nilles, Val Sepulveda, Venzella Joy, Louise Bartle and others enjoying great professional success.”

“Hit Like A Girl has always been considered an international contest so having a person from outside the U.S. in a high level position is an important step for us,” contest co-founder David Levine says. “And when that person is as knowledgeable, respected and connected as Louise is, it increases the reach and the strength of the program even more.”

With a background in journalism and graphic design, Louise King joined Rhythm in 1994 and proceeded to work her way up through the ranks; becoming editor of the magazine in 1999. Before leaving the magazine to start a family in 2007, Louise helped make Rhythm one of the most influential and important drum magazines in the world by balancing its coverage of legendry and up-and-coming drummers from the UK and the rest of the world with top-flight educational columns and the first-ever, cover-mounted tutorial CD.

Now in its fifth year, since the Hit Like A Girl Contest began there have been more than 1,600 entrants from 45 countries and more than 8,000,000 web impressions. Previous sponsors have included D’Addario, DRUM!, Drum Workshop, Mapex, Yamaha and Zildjian as well as many other leading drum, percussion, hardware, electronics and media companies. For 2016, Hit Like A Girl is expanding its activities with the Power Pack education bundle and live drum festivals in Los Angeles and New York.

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