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Whitney K. Sellers (18+)

Whitney K. Sellers (18+)

Name: Whitney K. Sellers
Category: Drumset
Age: 20
Location: Florence, South Carolina, United States

I’m Whitney K. Sellers from Florence, South Carolina. I’ve been playing drums basically all my life. I started out playing every Sunday in church, then joined the marching band. I like playing with groups and just playing any chance I get now! I want to continue to learn and grow as a musician and fulfill all my dreams!

My inspirations would have to be Will Kennedy, Queen Cora Dunham, CJ Thompson, and a lot of other dope drummers I watch!

Playing drums is a way I express myself and I just love being behind the kit! ❤️🥁

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  1. Great chops! Tempo perfecto! Keep on drummin’ and improvin’ your craft.
    Deb Pomeroy

  2. Great chops! Tempo perfecto! I Love your feel.

  3. Play sis!!!!


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