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Victoria Seagriff (18+)

Victoria Seagriff (18+)

Name: Victoria Seagriff
Category: Drumset
Age: 21
Location: Edison, New Jersey, United States

Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out my entry!

Playing the drums has always been the #1 thing in my life; my parents are both into music, and they allowed me to start studying privately at a very young age. (What kind of parents let their 4 year old get a drum set???? Awesome ones, duh!) I would be a completely different person without music, and I genuinely believe that growing up as a musician has shaped every aspect of myself as a person. Metal is my genre of choice, however I love listening to and experiencing all styles. Music is beautiful and brings people together, therefore every genre is equally incredible in my eyes. Studying drum set privately for most of my life, and having rudimental instruction from Dennis Delucia inspired me to pursue music as a profession, and I entered Berklee College of Music in the fall of 2013. Being at Berklee has been the first time I’ve ever been able to focus on music all of the time, and I’ve been having a blast while working to grow as a musician. I’ve had the honor of studying drum set with Henrique De Almeida, Kim Plainfield, Sergio Bellotti, Tony “Thunder” Smith, and Kenwood Dennard. I’m an aspiring session drummer as well as an audio engineer, and I love to spend time in the studio (I’ll definitely pick engineering a session over sleep any night!).

This past year I studied with Kim Plainfield, and we spent a lot of time working on styles and concepts that are out of my comfort zone. Working on expanding my abilities with Kim was the main inspiration behind the parts in my “Side to Side” drum remix. I tried to showcase my strong points and what I love with metal and double bass, but I also tried to show musicality and dynamics through the solo/transition sections. I recorded, edited, and mixed the entire project myself to showcase my audio engineering abilities as well.

If you’d like to know more or check out some of my engineering/mixing work, I have a website!                      (And it would be beyond cool if you’d take some time to check it out!)

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  1. You’re awesome!! Go girl!

  2. Don’t usually like metal drumming, but this really grooved.

  3. nice one! i dig 🙂
    good luck!

  4. You ROCK!!


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