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Victoria Gridzhan (18+)

Victoria Gridzhan (18+)

Name: Victoria Gridzhan
Category: Drumset
Age: 19
Location: Almaty, Kazakhstan

Hello!!! My name is Victoria. I am 19 years old. I play the drums for 2 and half years.
I am happy that my life is filled with magic – which is music. Since eight years I have been playing the piano, I was surrounded by classical music, but one day I accidentally got on the performance of jazz musicians, and when I heard their music I discovered a completely different world. All my attention was drawn to the drums, it was something special.
And for two years of playing the drums, I fully devote my life to them. I understand this is just a beginning of a long and exciting adventure. For me, the drums is a way of communicating with people, it is an opportunity to share my emotions and feelings!

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  1. Great musicality with feel and you got fast hands. Cool transitions using metric modulationšŸ‘.


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