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Svenja Luedtke (18+)

Svenja Luedtke (18+)

Name: Svenja Luedtke
Category: Drumset
Age: 30
Location: Geesthacht, Germany

I am Issy. I play drums, what’s your superpower ?

I’ve started with playing guitar, but that never really fulfill me and I’ve always been attracked by the drums.
One day I’ve had the chance to get my first  drumlesson from  my favourite drummer Bertram Engel and that day has been the game-changing moment !!! After this lesson I have promised to myself if I will ever get this chance again to play with him I will be able to play more than Boom-Tschack Boom-Tschak.
2 Years later I’ve bought my first drumset and never stopped playing although the first years weren’t easy.
I went through the typical phase….not much support, nobody takes you serious, no understanding for my passion, you are a girl-you play drums?? The other problem has been the rehearsal room. At the beginning I was allowed to play 15 min a day at my grandparent’s house … For the last couple of years I had a real practice room but I’ve had to drive about 52km back and forth  over the highway into the next big city just to be able to play a little bit drums and pay a lot of money.

But last year everything has changed !!!! Last year everthing has turned around and everything has been worth all the strain !
My  former Band got 2nd place from 16 Bands/Artist at a local contest, we played 2 times in a sold-out cinema and twice on a festival with more than 1500 people ! We have been several times at a studio and recorded a CD with all finalist of the contest.
After the show parents came to me and asked me if I would teach drums  and I get questions all the time when and where I will play the next gig and if I have a new band already.
Since two months I have a new beautiful rehearsal room which is only 10min by car away !!!!
Big hug to “ToneFolger” for sharing their room with me (
DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND LOVE WHAT YOU DO…. and good things will happen

I am a member of DRUMEO since 2013. The best community and drum lesson resource ever !!!
I wanna thank Drumeo for so much, especially Dave Atkinson, Aaron L. who has helped me a lot and all the ladies of “Drumeo Women on the Edge” !!!! You are the best. Thank you for all the help, encouragement and FUN !

My drum heros and inspiring drummers are :
Dave Grohl, Chad Smith, Bertram Engel, Jost Nickel and Mario Goossens

You can find me on:
@Facebook :


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