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Priscila Mayerstein Leal (18+)

Priscila Mayerstein Leal (18+)

Name: Priscila Mayerstein Leal
Category: Drumset
Age: 22
Location: Huixquilucan, Mexico

Hi everyone! I am a 22 year old drummer from Mexico City. My first experience with music were my piano lessons which I started at the age of six but I didn’t enjoy it so I gave up on it at the age on 11. I was pretty good though.

I’ve always been keen to music since  my parents introduced me to metal, heavy rock, gospel, funk, and other genres.

So the years happened and other things caught my attention, initially I wanted to study a degree in gastronomy after I finished senior high school but in the process I discovered guitar, singing and drum lessons. I was 17/18 at that time, and was when I fell in love with music and drums. The year after that, I started working at a restaurant as a bartender, still wanting to pursue my career in gastronomy, in all of my teenage years I kept running to compose lyrics and play piano every time I was sad or in trouble which was a very common thing. So just when I was about to enter college, a good friend of mine convinced not to do it and go in pursue of what I always wanted to do but I was a afraid to do: study music for good. I saved a little money to pay myself harmony, singing, production and drumming lessons, some months after that, I started to study a degree in musical production and music execution.

Till this day I am still studying my career, I’ve only been playing for almost three years, I am learning from myself and others. My main influences for drumming are Anika Nilles, Matt Halpern, Matt Garstka, Nia Lovelys, Cindy Blackman, Meytal Cohen, Travis Barker, Zac Farro.

I know that I may not win this contest this year, but if some of my idols can see me play would be an incredible experience, this is very important because thanks to my boyfriend who encouraged me to overcome my self doubt and fears of who I am as a musician, I am now uploading this video. I was only concentrating in studying things I was asked to study in my school. This is me proving myself I can achieve more and that I can be a better musician that I am now, that I can become a better musician I am showing in this video and thanks to this, I remembered why I love playing drums.

Thank you very much 🙂 greetings from Mexico City.

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