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Momo Kawazoe (<18)

Momo Kawazoe (<18)

Name: Momo Kawazoe
Category: Drumset
Age: 15
Location: Chur, Switzerland

I’m Momo, Swiss/Japanese and live in Switzerland. I’m 15 and I have been playing the drums for almost 5 years now. My love for the drums started much earlier, though: At the age of 6, and at an event there was a drum set for everyone to try. I tried it and I was so excited! That day, I lined up for the drums over and over again. I experienced the fun of drumming and rhythm for the first time, but at the time didn’t know that this was something I could play as an instrument.

Four years later, I visited friends in Germany with my family. My dad’s friend had a drum big kit at home, and he taught me a simple eight groove. We did a little session: he played congas while I was playing only the one groove. It felt like hours had passed – the session made me so happy! It was the most wonderful and impressive experience to me!

Soon after, I started to take drum lessons. My teacher Dani has been teaching me many techniques for different music styles and grooves, he’s really generous, and promotes my talent. And he always helps me if I need hints for a performance.

Between the annual drum school performances, I had a few other opportunities to perform. One of these is the special subject ‚choir/band’ in my school where I play every week, and there are also some exciting band projects in our city’s music school. Last year my school band was invited for the annual Christmas event for all city employees. We performed in front of several hundred people in the city theater. I also have been playing the piano as a second instrument for about 2 years and It’s fun, too, but I still prefer the drums.

Sometimes I visit jazz concerts with my dad, and get good inspirations from different drummers. I like to drum or listen to jazz-influenced music styles as Fusion and Acid Jazz, but I also enjoy listening to softer types of Rock, for example The Police or Toto. But I’m also open to try other genres. I also have some experience in Bossa, Samba, and Jazz. Maybe the next new style could be something harder…
Jeff Porcaro, Stewart Copeland, Steve Gadd, Terri Lyne Carrington (she’s one of the female masters in drumming, and I watched her live in my city Chur!) and all the others I watched are in my opinion some really inspiring drummers.

In the future, I want to work as a professional musician!

Now I entered Hit Like A Girl for the first time, which is another possibility to show my skills in drumming. The song I chose is originally a soundtrack from the Wii game Go Vacation. I heard this song as background music in a Wii game and it caught my interest.

Good luck to everyone for the contest!

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