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Molly Rose (<18)

Molly Rose (<18)

Name: Molly Rose
Category: Drumset
Age: 17
Location: Vacaville, CA, United States

My name is Molly Rose, I am 17 years old, and I am from Vacaville, Ca.

My parents tell me at 3 I would bang on pots and pans on the kitchen floor, and I could keep a beat. For my 7th birthday I received a First Act drum set. At 8, I started learning drum rudiments and taking lessons. My first gig was playing at a Christian summer camp for a week when I was 9. I am still the drummer at the same camp!

As a senior in high school this year I have been the captain of my high school drumline and lead snare player for the past two years. I have played on my church’s adult and youth worship team since I was 10. For the past three years I have been studying at the Nor Cal Academy of D.R.U.M.S under Michael Santoni.

Besides drumming, I sing and write music, play the guitar, ukulele, and golf. In the summer of 2015 I helped produce my first single These Days and released it on iTunes. My second single, Red Headed Angel will be released early 2017.

Wanting to enter a professional video for Hit Like A Girl 2017 I applied for, and received a music grant to make my 2017 Hit Like a Girl video entry. My video starts with me playing a “latin groove” that moves into a “songo,” another latin groove. This was recorded using the Yamaha DTX502 Electronic Drum Trigger Module I won when I placed placing Second-Runner Up in Hit Like a Girl 2016. For the second part of my video I am playing a “fat country groove” to one of my favorite songs She’s Country by Jason Aldean.

The two drummers I look up to the most are JR Robinson and Jojo Mayer. JR is the most recorded drummer in the world, that makes him someone I highly respect and admire. He has drummed for some of the best musicians in the world and I aspire to drum like him. Jojo’s foot pedal technique is brilliant, my desire is to acquire such an incredible technique.

I love being a female drummer, as we are pretty rare. Being a young female drummer is a challenge. I have gotten used to the feeling of walking into an audition and people not taking me seriously until I play the drums. Over the past year this awkward feeling is one that drives me to work hard and hone my skills to be the best drummer I can be.

Karen Carpenter was the first female drummer I saw. She is my inspiration to drive me to show that girls can drum and that drumming is not just a “guy thing.” Ultimately I want to inspire the youth of today to work hard, follow your dreams, and keep true and pure music alive.

Happiest when behind my drum set with sticks in my hand, I want my life to forever be filled with music and be a part of the music industry. My ultimate dream would be to drum for Carrie Underwood or form my own female band. I know the journey will be long and hard, but I am young and ready to bring it on!

Sticks and Roses,
Molly Rose

Facebook: Molly Rose Drums
Youtube: MollyRoseDrums
Instagram: MollyRoseDrums
Twitter: MollyRoseDrums

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  1. This is awesome!! Way to go Molly! You have a great ‘presence’ behind the kit – keep it up! 😀

    • Thank you very much Dee! I just watched your video and I love your original work!:)

  2. wow.. love your energy and showmanship.. really enjoy it..!! good luck..! 🙂


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