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Mira Burgers (<18)

Mira Burgers (<18)

Name: Mira Burgers
Category: Drumset
Age: 17
Location: Beuningen, Netherlands

Hey everyone!

Thanks for watching my video!

Very exciting, my second time Hit Like A Girl.
Music shouldn’t be a contest, BUT I don’t see it that way at this beautiful platform for female drummers!

Well, let me tell you some things about me:

At the age of 4 I fell in love with the drums. My dad also is a musician, so music was part of my life since I was born.
I am a second year student at Rock City Institute. Working hard to approach my goal: to become a professional musician.
Composing music and playing the bass and guitar are also things I really love to do. Sound, creativity, musicality and motivation are very important to me. I like to play all kinds of styles.

If you like to find out more about me, you can also take a look on my Facebook page, Youtube channel, Instagram and Soundcloud. (See links below!)


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  1. Phantastic! Well done!!


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