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Mindy Wright (18+)

Mindy Wright (18+)

Name: Mindy Wright
Category: Drumset
Age: 52
Location: Tennessee, United States

About Mindy

Mindy’s love affair with music started in early childhood and at 14 she started playing drums.  Steeped in a strong southern tradition of music lovers, Mindy’s first drum kit belonged to Elvis Presley when he sang with the Jordanaires.

Inspired by a wide range of great artists such as Elvis, Frank Sinatra, Chet Atkins, Cream, Rush, Foreigner, Led Zeppelin, Barbara Streisand, Stevie Wonder, Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire, Mindy immersed herself in music completely.

Mindy & John JR Robinson

A staple in the Nashville scene, Mindy has worked with a variety of artists, ranging from rock, folk and country to funk and Americana rock. She has played live and or recorded with bands such as Bebe Buell & The Rebel Souls, Union of Souls, Mean Mary & The Contrarys, Native Son, The Offended, Kung Pow and The Canyon Riders.

Mindy & Steve Ebe

With a passion for excellence, Mindy has studied with the world’s greatest drummers including legendary drummers and educators such as Chester Thompson, Zoro, Steve Ebe, and John JR Robinson as well as Drummers Collective in New York and Kosa Music in Vermont. With a desire to pass it forward, Mindy has donated her time teaching drums to community youth initiatives in an effort to transform children’s lives through music.

Mindy Wright, the rocking drummer you can count on!

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  1. Yeah Mindy! Sounds great!

  2. Great performance! I just wish she was in my band because my drummer kinda sucks compared to her!

  3. Mindy is the best out there!!


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