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Michelle (18+)

Michelle (18+)

Name: Michelle
Category: Drumset
Location: New York, United States

Hi, my name is Michelle and I LOVE playing the drums (for so many reasons).  I’d been dreaming about becoming a drummer since I was 9-years old, …but back then girls didn’t drum!  I started taking lessons five years ago as an adult when I got my first drum set, and began to “come out of the drum closet” at the 2014 HLAG Contest.  Since then I’ve performed in front of live audiences, alone and with different bands, 22 times. It has been a dream come true!

Thank you to HLAG for giving me courage!

…y gracias a Dios, siempre.

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  1. Excellent, Michelle !!! CATWOMAN !!!! A good image !! Keep it up!!!! УУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУУ!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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