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Lucy Piper (18+)

Lucy Piper (18+)

Name: Lucy Piper
Category: Drumset
Age: 25
Location: Exeter, England, United Kingdom

Hello! My name’s Lucy Piper, I’m a 25-year old drummer and teacher based between Exeter & London, UK.

With a blues musician for a father, I was born and raised on this genre of music, whether I liked it or not! In recent times I have played with musicians in Mississippi such as Robert Bilbo Walker & Josh Razorblade Stewart, and plan to go back within the next few months to soak up more of the music & culture there.

However, I have a very diverse taste in music, from rock and soul to contemporary pop & dance, and have played in a wide ranging number of bands, including originals and covers. I enjoy playing most genres, as long as they have great groove and feel – musically & vocally.

My first originals band Anderson saw me recording & touring in Italy at the age of just 17, as well as playing across the UK. Following bands included Mod outfit Molly the Odd, rock band The Delta Sound, and blues band Junkyard Angels.

Since returning home from University, my focus has been more geared towards session playing, with Cherisse Osei as my drum tutor in London. I have therefore been studying hard (inspired by her!), depping for local bands and have started up teaching myself from home.

I’d like to think I was a versatile drummer, and am a firm believer that it is much harder to play slow, than fast! Listening to and giving space within music is just as important as playing the beats themselves.

My hope is to become a session player. I feel I am able to start doing this now, just that no one knows who I am!

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