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Londa Gammell (A.K.A. Londers) (18+)

Londa Gammell (A.K.A. Londers) (18+)

Name: Londa Gammell A.K.A. Londers
Category: Drumset
Age: 21
Location: Wadsworth, OH, United States

Short intro:
My name is Londa Gammell A.K.A. Londers (High School Drumline/Band Nickname) or Londew (my drummer’s drink which is either water or my love for Mountain Dew). I have been playing since I was 8 years old. My first kit was a First Act and I hated, I mean HATED, the sound and quality of that kit no matter how much I tuned it but…. I was inspired to get a better kit when I was older.  Ha-ha.
I studied with jazz drummer Ryun Louie, who was my percussion instructor from 5th grade to my 12th grade. I was cymbal section leader for the Wadsworth Marching Grizzlies and was high up in concert band. I played in jazz band my fifth grade year on congas and a bit on kit but I just didn’t feel that jazz was a fit for me in elementary school AT THAT TIME. I love jazz music…actually all music. Then after high school, I took drum set lessons from Jason Raffle for the summer studying Bluegrass/ Gospel drum kit before I started back or part one of college for Medical Billing/Coding Specialist and doing multiple drum covers of all sorts of music.
A Deeper Perspective:
My inspirations in drumming came from my West Virginia relatives, specifically my Uncle who passed away a year before I was born on May 23, 1994, from an accident a couple of days before his graduation from high school. My Uncle loved playing music and he would play during Church, ANYTHING you could imagine. I was recently passed down my mom’s banjo, my uncle’s Vintage Electra guitar and acoustic Gibson guitar. My family is very musically inclined.  Both of my parents sang in choir in high school and my mom used to play piccolo. During my 4th Grade year, we had band testing in music class and we got scored on every instrument we played on: Brass (trumpet/trombone/tuba) C, Clarinet C+, and Percussion and flute being my tie breaker because I got a B+ in both. At first, I thought flute was great but it didn’t feel right afterward after holding it in my hands so that finally led to me being a percussionist. I fell in LOVE with drumming because of all the fun rudiments we had to learn and also the wide variety of instruments. But my eyes were glued to a drum kit and that is when I literally took off in my dreams of being a professional percussionist/drummer. I was picked on in school, especially in band because I knew how to love music and actually appreciate it rather than be that “one band kid” and beat on something. I just loved doing it. So my senior year of high school I asked for a drum kit and I specifically said it had to have these qualifications because I was picky on the kit that I didn’t want a kit that sounds terrible (musicality/sound) and I would have to keep tuning it because of cheap lugs and even heads doesn’t matter if new heads or not because I don’t want to constantly keep losing heads and heads cost a pretty penny (sustainability) and finally a kit that adapts to ALL music from Bluegrass/ Gospel to Hard Rock. When Christmas of 2013 came, I was pleased to see under the tree a 2013 LC175 Ludwig Accent Drive Series in Wine Red. I loved my kit so much. With factory heads, stands, and other things it fits my specifications perfectly and how I wanted it. Before Christmas, I was watching a video by Jim Riley, who is the drummer for Rascal Flatts, doing a product review on a Ludwig Accent similar to mine but mine doesn’t have that “ring” on the kick drum problem that the one he showed had but I loved the kit. 2014, I finally built my 5-piece kit up with cymbals and by cymbals I mean PLENTY of cymbals and also plenty of accessories for it.Then finally 2015 I got a drum rack for it to lift all those cymbals, drums and accessories off the floor.
I wanted to play for my family as a family drummer when they come up to visit and bring along their music instruments but for my Uncle, I do it for him mainly. My uncle was the one who inspired me to become not only a drummer but to become a musician, a Christian Musician, and I know I have a dream of becoming a professional drummer/ percussionist. I know that I am not a professional but can I do it? Yes because not only I have God looking over me but my Uncle as well watching over me. That lifts my fears of being scared of playing in front of thousands of people. I have had hate on my YouTube channel because of my drum covers but that is okay. Have you ever heard of the saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Yeah peoples’ words may hurt but those words make me a stronger human being which brings along my morals into my drumming as well and not have that “ego” that some drummers possess. I was also inspired by Casey Cooper (Coop3rDrumm3r), Jared Falk, Mike Johnston, Buddy Rich, Anika Nilles, and many other famous drummers out there.
2013 LC175 Ludwig Accent Drive Series
Color: Wine red
*Shell: Reinforced seam molded acrylic 9-ply poplar shell bearing edge-45 degrees inner accent with slight outer bevel*
Drum sizes
High tom: 8 x 10
Low tom: 9 x 12
Floor tom:  16 x 16
Snare drum: 6.5 x 14
Kick drum: 16 x 22
Heads -Evans Level 360
Top head: G2 Clear- TT10G2 (2-ply)
Bottom head: G1 Clear- TT10G1 (1-ply)
Top head: G2 CLEAR- TT12G2 (2-ply)
Bottom head: G1 CLEAR-TT12G1 (1-ply)
Top head: G2 CLEAR- TT16G2 (2-ply)
Bottom head: G1 CLEAR- TT16G1 (1-ply)
Top head: Genera HD Dry Snare batter B14HDD
Bottom head: hazy 300 snare head”
Kick batter: Clear BD22GMAD
Kick resonant: Black BD22EMAD
Meinl HCS, Zildjian ZBT, Agazarian
Zildjian ZBT: 14″ hi -hats
Meinl HCS: 16” crash, 18″crash, 10″ splash, 20″ ride, hi-hats made into FX cymbals
Agazarian 14″ china
Mixed stands
43 piece deluxe drum rack
Hi-hat stands
Tripod: PDP PGHH880
Bipod: PDP PGHH882
Accessories: LP20NY-K Medium cowbell with drum bracket
DST10- cowbell with tambourine (black)
LPNY- cowbell (Black)
DP402 PDP Double Bass Pedal
About the video:
We Don’t Talk Anymore Drum Cover I did by ear and I didn’t have any microphones set up. It is all shot on a Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro and edited on cheap software. Nothing fancy it’s an amateur video and I just wanted to show my skills in my 3rd year of Hit like a Girl!!!


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  1. Profile photo of Darrien

    This cover is great and very unique. I love how each piece in your room is something meaningful to you as a musician and drummer. Your bird has great rhythm with the song.I find it amazing that you hated the sound quality of the first act drum set because most people think those are great for beginners, when in reality they are made of cheap material that sounds horrible to a musically tuned ear. The fact that your family supported and played with you is a great thing to have as a musician because when you do something and they notice that it sounded off or out of tune they can help unlike the people who’s families are clueless and just say that everything sounds good all the time. Do not let anyone stand in the way of your dreams, and keep up the great work.


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